Worsleya - Waiting on a bloom someday

bluebonsai101(6a PA)September 19, 2009

Hi all, I was out taking pics of some other plants this morning and since I had never taken a decent pic of my Worsleya since I got it as a stump a few years ago I decided to try a couple of shots. Hopefully in the not too distant future this baby will reward me with a bloom....last year it aborted a spike so I know it is close :o) Dan

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ryan820(z5b Denver, Colorado, USA)

Beautiful plant!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Thanks Ryan!! I have 3 others this size so I am hopeful that one day I can get blooms and seed, but my climate is not exactly what one wold call ideal :o) Dan

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Jan Sword

Dan, that's gorgeous!!! I've been looking for some seeds or plant but I can find any. I hope yours flower soon.

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Absolutely stunning photography, Dan! Such a gorgeous and unusual subject. I hope you are rewarded with a bloom soon, and that you'll share it with us, as well.

Phoenix Ryan

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Lookin good Dan. Mine seemed to grow well this year. I'll post a pic later. I grow it in a deep, narrow, clay pot, with a few holes drilled in the side. The substrate I use is about 75% washed Decomposed granite and 25% quality potting mix. I grew mine from seed 2 years ago and is presently a little larger dia than my thumb.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Jan, The best way to get seed is to become a member of the Worsleya group on Yahoo.....there are not lots of posts there in general, but when seed are available they tyically get advertised there......There is also a guy in Brasil that sells seed......e-mail me and I can give you his e-mail addy.

Ryan, glad you liked the pic......I think it all just depends on whether my climate is appropriate to induce a flower. Trust me, if I get a flower I will post it everywhere I will be so happy!! By the way Jan, these do not like constant high heat and humidity since they are from the mountains......mid 80s during the day and mid 50s to 60s at night is wonderful for them with a lot of humidity.....There is a guy in FLA that grows these in Mexico and brings them in to FLA because they do well in the high altitudes at his place in Mexico and not so great in FLA.

Pat, I would love to see a pic of yours......they are truly wonderful plants when they look at their best.....I know mine is too etiolated (leaves too long), I'm told I water too much and I've been told my fertilizer is all wrong, but I'm just doing what I have found has worked for me with other plants and keeping my fingers crossed.....by the way, this one is in pure pumice and others are in pure volcanic cinder, but the latest info on the Worsleya forum is that seedlings can do incredibly well in pure Canadian peat which I would have never imagined :o) Dan

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Jan Sword

Hi Dan, thanks for responding. If they don't like FL weather, I don't think I am going to get those. I'll just enjoy yours.

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I read a story somewhere,which showed that the Worsleya grow on trees and rock crevases as an epiphyte,and are watered by the mist from waterfalls,year round. That sounds like pretty high humidity. The pictures I saw,showed large amounts of organic matter at their roots. I don't know what the temperatures are there. It could be difficult, if not impossible to grow them here. I intend to find out,eventually. I have grown quite a few things,which I had been told wouldn't grow here.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I do not mean to discourage anyone......my climate is a disaster for Worsleya, but I've grown a few reasonably well for several years now. From what I understand, the key is a really nice temperature drop of 20-25 degrees at night. They are from the mountains where it can be quite cool at night and downright chilly in the semi-dormant season. The guy in FLA reports that his grow in Mexico very well where they have the dry season for several months....they do not get water then....totally natural growing...he brings them in to FLA to sell.....they do not do as well in FLA as in Mexico.....doesn't mean you cannot grow one :o)

Del, I gues I should not have said they do not like high humidity, what they do not seem to appreciate is hot, stagnant air with no temp drops and high humidity......sort of like those wonderful summer days in the south where it is 95 during the day, 85 at night with no break from the humidity....San Francisco is a great climate for them, mountains in Mexico....if that helps you think about the climate they love....mine stinks and they spend a lot of time inside during the winter getting watered very little...sem-dormancy.

Here is a pic of their habitat a friend sent me.....very little soil, growing in pockets in the rock and lots of fog....this was taken in April/May in Brasil:

Most people use a really porous mix without any soil....some use pine bark as an organic.......a few months ago it was reported by a fabulous grower from South Africa that he germinates his seed in pure Canadian blond peat....who would have thunk, but this has turned out to be his best growing media for his babies!!

Seed typically sell for $3-5 each so if you can buy a handful I say give it a try.....nothing ventured nothing gained :o) Dan

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I am growing this plant from a seed which germinated 3 years ago.What I found is that Worsleya is much more hardy though all of the facts about its way of growing.

How old is your plant, Dan?..I am dreaming constantly to see the flowers. =)


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