WOOOOW! Bonfire Begonia...now what!?!?

countrykitty(zn 6 SW KY)July 8, 2007


Found a bonfire begonia at the mennonite nursery down the road--LOL, I was on my motorcycle and trying to destress after class, no intention of buying anything. I was so taken by the long pointed flame orange petals and tiny leaves (angelwing shape, but only 2-3" long x 1/2" wide) that I HAD to have it.

Rode home with it wrapped in a bag, tucked in my jacket. (It was the only one like it and someone else would've snapped it up if I'd gone home for the car, you understand...right? ;)

Has a sort of weeping habit.

Anyone know the particulars? Type (cane, tuberous, fibrous, hybrid? Touchy, forgiving? Likes more/less light or water or food than the average houseplant? Tolerant of misting or likely to develop PM?

I'm also a bit new to begonias (picked one up out of the $.99 after Easter bin which I just treated for PM with spritzes of vinegar water, then another from the same nursery as the one above--going to peruse the gallery to try and ID the basic types in a bit). Any general advice on ID'ing and caring for begonias in general would also be appreciated!




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Just about everything you want to know here http://www.begoniabonfire.com/

I just got one myself.

General care info here www.bradsbegoniaworld.com

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Great plant. Apparently it is hitting all the stores now. I bought one at Lowe's back in May and then another one at a local nursery. Now they are at HD.

Quick growers - mine has doubled in size, never seen it out of bloom yet and it has been over six weeks.

A grower in PA. says to give them high light (sun is okay), let it dry out some (between watering), fertilize regularly, and keep it pinched. I haven't pinched mine other than yellowing leaves, water 3 times a week, fertilize on Saturdays, and it receives full sun up to around 2 PM.

Here are some pictures of mine: (boliviensis is the paler green and was bought at Lowe's, the other one is boliviensis x 'Bonfire' - a select strain from boliviensis).

June 14th

June 30th




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Beauties! What do you think, were they started as cuttings or tubers? If cuttings, they should form a tuber by the end of summer so you and I can winter them over - don't you think?

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