ID Please!

cynelJuly 21, 2008

I found this photo online and want to buy the plant. The closest I found in my google search was B. Concord, but it seems to have a different growth habit...Please help!

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

Looks like an old fashioned cane. maybe 'Irene Nuss?' if you like the incised leaves, 'Sophie Cecile' is similar, with silver blotches on the leaf surface.


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Thanks for the quick reply, mingtea. 'Irene Nuss' seems different when I look at the flowers here:
In the original pic, I love the dark green jagged leaves w/burgundy undersides, and the contrast w/the light-colored flowers. I would also prefer a plant without the silver dots...Any suggestions?

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I think ming has it ID'ed correctly. Irene Nuss can have silver stripes on young leaves and the blossom color depends on the amount of light as well. Sophie is more incised that Irene, has great silver splashes, and is a shy bloomer for me.

Here are some pictures of my Irene under different conditions.

young leaves (the spotted one is not Irene Nuss)

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Thanks hcmcdole - I didn't realize the plant could vary so much in appearance. Your pics were very helpful - and your plants are gorgeous!
I'm a very novice indoor gardener and lurking on this site has been really informative these past few months. Thanks again!!

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