B. 'Fireworks' and Summer Heat

woebegoniaJuly 27, 2014

It is supposed to hit 92 degrees, I can't believe it. It's been predicted all week but never went above 82 which seemed like 100 degrees! My Rexes became very resentful, I've moved them all to the cool part of the basement which reminds me that I question the I.D. of the begonia I bought on line as B. 'Fireworks', it's a lovely plant but looks nothing like photos I've since seen as B. 'Fireworks', note the long apex and drip points, I like it so much I don't really care what the name is. My tips to beat the heat outdoors are: have plenty of shade cloth in shady corners and to save dragging the hose around I use a small weed sprayer filled with water, it does a good job of spraying and cooling and doesn't hit the leaves too hard. Stay cool everyone!

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Hey Joan,

Yes, that is not Fireworks but it is a cool looking rex. Why are your rexes resentful of a little heat though? Are they in full sun?

Mine are under tall shade, well watered, and looking pretty good despite some tattered leaves from falling debris (pine needles, limbs, etc) and we are usually in the 90's most days in summer.

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My Rexes were all grown in the kitchen, but the room was getting very hot by late afternoon. I don't put Rexes outside as we have quick rain storms occasionally or even strong wind and I don't think those thin leaves could handle high temps. My larger canes are in a push cart, I can move it under the pine trees as things warm up; Other canes and shrubby types, as well as most of my tuberous are in the shady areas, my tuberous species are on wicking or they would be long gone. The news reported some reaction to the 'polar vortex' which would create a very hot area in the northern U.S. with temps in the 90's, they, the weather channel, showed a map with the areas supposedly being affected and it is very close to us. I haven't heard anymore about that, people living in Minnesota or other northern areas must be wondering about that too.

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Ah, weather will be just that - unpredictable...

We go from droughts to floods. Heat is a given with high humidity. I can't give every plant protection outdoors and I don't want to waste time with them indoors in summer (too much watering). Falling debris, pop up storms, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, and now it looks like moles... Yet for the most part they all do great outdoors with some tattering of the leaves. Just wished I could leave them outside permanently.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

I've had pretty good luck with rex and rex-like hybrids holding up through summer heat, but they are planted in the ground (and in full shade) and that probably helps keep their roots cool.

BTW in that last photo is that 'Caribbean Star' I see? That's one of Tim Anderson's hybrids that has done extremely well for me. Very similar to U358 a.k.a. 'Pewterware' (I suspect both have B. diadema and/or B. deliciosa in their ancestry).

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I have no idea what that is. Someone on the Yahoo group said it was U357 many years ago. One that came from Harmony I am sure.

Diadema is behind it (the mother plant).

Here is diadema and deliciosa side by side.

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