Begonia 'Sinbad'

JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)July 11, 2008

Too bad it's not hardy, but on a whim I picked up Begonia 'Sinbad' at a nursery this spring and planted it in my garden. This is a shrubby grower with beautiful silver-speckled leaves.

BTW the smaller green begonia in front is B. chitoensis, a species from Taiwan that I picked up at Plant Delights last summer. The PDN catalog lists it as hardy to zone 7b, but the one I planted in the ground last year didn't survive even though it was an unusually mild winter. Better drainage may help (my soil has a lot of clay and is rather heavy and wet in the winter). It proved very easy to propagate from leaf cuttings I took before the first frost last fall, so I'm trying it again. The plants aren't full size yet; I don't know just how big they will get.

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Sinbad is a great shrub begonia. It grows like gangbusters for me in summer but I find it difficult to winter over in a basement due to mildew and poor light. If you can take cuttings and place these under lights in winter then it does very good.

Here is one I had in an 18 inch container a couple of years ago.

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