Frost Protection

agility_mom(z9 AZ)November 10, 2010

Since I bought some cold tender plants this past Spring and Summer, I am now gearing up to protect my babies from cold snaps. Any words of wisdom, new ideas, advice on the best places to buy the needed supplies?

I am looking at the frost cloth and old fashioned c7 and c9 Christmas lights right now but if there's a better way, I'll go with that.

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If you lay the tiny lights on the ground under the plants, and have a sheet over them, they can survive a lot of frost.

I use old sheets. Many nurseries sell floating row cover cloth or frost covers.

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Love those C7 and C9 lights. I plan on putting a string or two in the little greenhouse I ordered.

Be very careful when purchasing C7's and C9's. The vast majority of those being sold today have a single 1/2watt "led bulb" in them and they put out very little heat. Some retailers use an old box of the real C7's or C9's in their online adds and do not mention that they are "LED" lights. Because of this I buy mine from people on eBay with excellent feedback. Most eBay sellers know that people want the original high what lights and not the new "LED" lights and described their lights accurately.

Real C7's are 5watts each and C9's are 7watts each.

Row cover is easy to find but sheets are fine too.

Here is a link that might be useful: SET OF 25 OPAQUE BLUE C9 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS - GREEN WIRE

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'The Valley is under a freeze warning from 11 p.m. Thursday until 9 a.m. Friday.

Temperatures Thursday night could be in the mid 30s to mid 40s, according to the National Weather Service. Friday's high temperatures will reach 65 to 70, well below normal.

Plants sensitive to cold temperatures may be harmed Thursday night if left unprotected.

Friday night's temperatures will also be in the mid 30s to mid 40s.

Saturday is expected to be clear with a high temperature near 74. Weather conditions all weekend are expected to be cool and breezy.'

Here is a link that might be useful: MSNBC

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

Thank goodness that the frost didn't come here last night because I wasn't ready!
I have picked up a few strings of the c9 and c7 Christmas lights and I did check to make sure that they are not LED.
After hearing about the incandescent light bulb ban after 2012, maybe I had better stock up on replacement bulbs for them.
Home Depot has some squares of burlap for about $4 each but I wanted some bigger and lighter covers too. The prepackaged frost cloths can really add up when as they are around $15 or so a piece. So, I ordered a 250' X 12' roll of 1.5 mil. frost cloth for $119 plus shipping online. Now hopefully the frost will hold off until it gets here.

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euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)

I have seen a spray for plants that supposedly gives them more protection, anyone have any experience with this?

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euqruob: ive tried it.. its called freezepruf from the website liquidfence... seems like it helped last season on my mango tree, although I did also use C9 lights and burlap wrapped around the trunk, i was too scared to try it by itself

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