Anyone in Phx area grow roses in pots?

jaspermplantsNovember 24, 2010

I've long ago run out of room to plant roses in the ground and am considering growing some in pots. Anyone care to share their experience of growing roses in pots during the summer?

Several years ago I tried this and they all died but I may have been doing something wrong, so am wondering if others have been successful.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

I understand that many of the gardeners who grow "show roses" grow them in pots. Probably for the same reason as you. ;-) I have grown them in pots, too. They're best in non-breathable pots so they don't dry out as quickly. Afternoon sun is a sure-fire killer in the summer. Give them morning sun,(even less in summer, they're unlikely to bloom so just keep them shaded) keep moist, fertilize often, and enjoy your roses. They will struggle in the summer heat but they should get through it and reward you in the fall. If you can't keep them shaded in summer at least shade the pots. Drape them with shade cloth if you can't do anything else. Good luck and keep trying until you find what works. DON'T put them near reflected heat. I killed a favorite doing that.

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A lot of modern roses will grow in containers and survive summers quite well. As Judy said, providing afternoon shade helps a great deal.

Use light-colored pots, preferably plastic rather than ceramic or terra cotta. Plastic doesn't hold the heat or suck moisture away from the roots like the others although cheaper plastics can rot from sun damage within 2-3 years. This actually works pretty well since the rose will need to be repotted due to soil compaction and wash-out after about 3 years.

The containers need to be sized for mature growth so planting a floribunda or small hybrid tea in anything smaller than a 24" container will leave a rose rootbound within the first year. 20-gallon nursery pots are best for this type rose and you can use a white roofing paint to cover the black. Lightly sand the plastic before application of the paint so it'll adhere.

Containers must drain. Cover the drainage holes with screen or weed fabric, cover with 2-3 inches of drainage material (bark, pine needles, charcoal, large gravel), then use a rose planting mix or combination of 1 part potting mix to 1 part compost. Some people will use parts cactus mix, clay or about a dozen other things. If you're buying dirt to begin with, just buy a rose planting mix and save your back, IMO.

Mulch the container to retain moisture and help keep the roots cool. Keep the container free of weeds and grass. I keep most of mine on a gravel area so they drain into the tree roots of the pine below them. During the summer, I'll move some over into a rose bed so they drain into the rootzone of an in-ground rose that needs more water than the drip provides.

Fertilize less but a little more often, depending on what you use. Amendments tend to wash out during the watering. Use a slow-release, like Osmacote, during June thru September. Miracle-Grow is fine during spring and fall bloom cycles.

If you plan to put these containers on a cement apron, using a piece of outdoor carpet and elevating the pot a little will cut the light reflection and help with drainage. I've used flimsy saucers underneath the pots during summer but now that we have mosquitos, I don't use them anymore.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

Judy waving...Hi Jeannie. :-)

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Jeannie waving back....Hi, Judy!

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