mold on the soil of propogation leaves

andyzoobJuly 1, 2006

hello everyone

i posted about 2 weeks ago, about my rex begonia propogation attempt

now, upon close examination, it seems there are little, almost too small to be seen. what looks like green mold. This is far too small to photograph, but picture 1/4 of a grain of rice, ontop of the soil

some cups have them ( 1 or 2 spots max) and a couple dont

but i can see there is root development on atleast 1

please note : i am using a soil mix w/ cocoanut fiber to retain moisture, for the propogation attempt

also, i have 1 leaf in a cup of water, that already has roots

and the whole leaf is still in great shape. (decided to try both techniques)

Thanks for any input

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well, upon closer inspection, i realized it was prudent to remove the questionable "mold".

i used a pair of needle nosed pliers and removed the green spots, and the surrounding soil clump
also using a pair of scissors to trip any dead portions of leaves

during my inspection, i noticed most have root development

I believe this "mold" may have been from a bit of excess water, pooled in the corners of my tupperware base
if anyone has encountered the beginings of mold in a terrerium or propogation setup, please let me know the cause or if physically removing the affected areas
Also, i realize that mold spreads with spores, should i abandon this propogation attempt. or stick with it
(because i have the feeling i'll soon be seeing the " specs of red " as described in the propogation for newbies)

Thank you

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