I have no idea what I grew...

SatyresqueOctober 8, 2012


I'm new to the site, and I was hoping someone could help me. I started some plants from seed, and the labels got mixed up. Most, if not all of them died ( I started them in the summer, and on vacation they dried up).

Anyway, one of the plants that lived (pictured in this post) I thought was Belladonna (one of the things I planted). However, it does not look like any of the pictures I've seen. It has jagged leaves. Is this Belladonna? (it hasn't flowered yet or made berries) so I am not sure.

It is on my balcony and I don't understand how it could be a random weed as i grew the seeds in those compressed soil disks. Unless perhaps stray seeds in the wind made their way into what I thought was my belladonna, and was the only thing that sprouted in that section).

Thank you!

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I was going through my opened seed packets and I wonder if it could be Henbane or Black Mandrake. It will be exciting to find out! :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Getting ready to cast some witchy spells?

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Why yes, I am Pagan. Though for some reason my planting clock is always off and out of season. I'll have to change that in 2013. :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I don't know the identity of your plants....you might consider posting the pictures in the Name this Plant Forum. There are some real experts over there.

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Satyresque, crush a leaf and smell it. It might give you a clue.

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Thanks for the suggestions (crushing is supposed to release a nasty smell I believe). I totally didn't see the name this plant forum until now! Thanks for that also.

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