New to begonias, any tips? oregon)July 29, 2013

I just ordered a begonia "wightii" polka dot / clown begonia.

I *think* it is a cane begonia.

I usually grow horas and orchid cactus as houseplants, so I don't jar any experience with begonias.


I ordered a small 3 inch plant, and I would like a nice big one. How fast do they grow? Would miracle grow help, or is their a different fertilizer I should use?

How much light & water does it require?

How do I take cuttings from this plant and what's the best way to root cuttings?

Any other begonia tips would be appreciated :)

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Yes, it is a cane begonia which can reach two feet in height. At Three inches I wouldn't be in a hurry to use a lot of fertilizer, you might choose one which has a larger first number, which is nitrogen, good for growth, and dilute further the recommendation on the label of the product. But for such a small plant the first thing is to put it in a place with good light because that is important for all canes and try not to overwater such a small plant.

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