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kimmie_72(7)August 16, 2009

Ok, this summer I was given two rex begonias which were very small. Personally I thought I did not like begonias but I learned these were not the ones I see landscapers use everywhere. Wow, I am impressed with these beauties and how big they have got. Where do you find your rex begonias? I stopped at a few local nurseries when I was out and about but never found any. The few times I have been to Lowes I looked there but did not find any either. When I saw all the different ones I just about passed out and now I want more!!

Also how do you trade using the forums? I only have two and they are probably common ones but I do not know. I read about how to propagate using the leaf cuttings and have some new ones started.

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Rexes are fun despite some of the problems associated with them. A lot of people will not buy a rex due to the problems but even if they kick the bucket sooner or later they do add a bright spot for several months if you treat them as an annual.

Rexes can be found locally at big box stores, local nurseries, grocery stores once in a while, etc. They can also be bought on line such as eBay, Logee's, Taylor's, and several other begonia vendors. Going to begonia conventions is another great way to add to a collection.

There is a trade forum here but I wonder if anyone uses it much. Why not post a trade on the main forum instead of a lesser used adjunct? It's like the picture forum - almost useless.

Here are some of mine over the last few years:

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Oh my, these are beauties... maybe I should just buy some from the people on here...LOL!! Now you just made me want them even more...

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

For mail-order sources check out Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, Logees Nursery or Rob's Violet Barn. All have a good selection of rex begonias.

Kartuz and Lauray are two other good sources of begonias, but they don't seem to have a lot of rexes.

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