? Dwarf angel wing begonia, is there?

catevala(USDA5b/Suns.2b)August 6, 2009

Is there such a thing now as a dwarf angel wing begonia? I purchased a 4" pot angel wing at Home Depot this last week and it looks, I say LOOKS, like it might not get that big at maturity. But are there any that have been bred to stay smaller than the typical angel wings, which can get huge? Mine's appearance apart from the dimensions is a dark green background color with light grey-silver spots - just like the typical angel wings. Thanks, Breck

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Yes there are many small leaf dwarf cane or shrub begonias. Some get quite bushy and can grow tall (3 foot or more) such as Medora but the leaves stay small. Lois Burks, Cracked Ice, Tom Ment, echinosepala, and several others are some that provide interest despite their smaller size.

More than likely (99% probability) the one you got from HD is 'Medora' since they sell those often. It is also commonly called Trout Leaf Begonia.

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