Begonia 'Cecil...?'

dirtmonkey(z8 OR)August 31, 2008


Someone from this list, a long time ago (at least 5 years ago), did a plant trade with me- I don't remember for what, or who the trade was with, now :-/

Anyway, the star of that trade turned out to be a dwarfish cane stem begonia, and I've lost the label. Actually, raccoons unpotted and scattered everything in the greenhouse, twice, so I don't blame myself entirely.

I just remembered today that it was named after a man, first and last name, and the first name begin with "C". Maybe Cecil. I keep thinking Cecil Brunner, but that is a rose... unless it' a Begonia, too.

A google earch turned up nothing useful... sometimes google isn't the left hand of God after all.

Doe anyone have any guesses? (Or maybe remember me from an old trade?)

Thank you

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There is a very large cane that is a knockout - 'Sophie Cecile'.

The one in the upper middle of this picture is 'Sophie'

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