What type of begonia? How to care?

pebble09(8)August 9, 2012

Hi all,

I have two begonia plants one that my husband bought in a hanging basket and another one that a friend gifted in a small 4 inch pot. The first one (A) says tuberous begonia mix and has 2 inch yellow flowers. The second one (B)has smaller dark pink-rose flowers and the stems look lind of like the first plant. Both have dark green round leaves

I also started some begonias from cuttings (C). The stem is harder and staighter than the two mentioned above. The leaves are elongated and light green.

I really have not much experience with begonias.So a few questions regarding them:

1) I am assuming A and B are tuberous and C is cane. Is that correct?

2) All three are outdoors right now. I plan to bring C indoors before winter and grow as a houseplant. The mother of the cuttings grows in a green house in MD.

What should I do with A and B. Enjoy as annuals? Or can I plant them indoors and hope they'll thrive?


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Your instincts sound about right to me. Plan on bringing them all in; in the meantime you can google image begonias to verify what you have or you can use sites such as this link to get started.

Here is a link that might be useful: logees greenhouses

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Here's another good link, too. Much better than Logee's, IMHO.

Tuberous begonias are harder to grow year-round in warmer climates than canes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kartuz

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