what about tuberous begonia seeds?

bern_2007August 19, 2007

When to save them? Do they need to dry? When to plant them? What your experience with them?

I have a yellow, some red, and a white with some pink on the underside of the petal. I've tried cutting from some, but they rot in the ground. what's your best success, you had with them?

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Seed pods should dry on the plant. Surface sow on sterile moist medium and keep covered with clear plastic wrap until they germinate. Never allow them to dry out. It may take months to get a big enough plant to blooming size. It is a lot easier to buy tubers or plants than raising from seed unless you have extreme patience. T&M, Park Seed, and Antonelli are a few places you can buy seed but I've had poor success with most. Fresh seed is the best way to go so harvesting your own may give you a lot more success.

Check some begonia sites for growing from seed.

Brad's Begonia World is a good place to start.

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thanks for the link, There seems to be a lot of info there, I'll check it out.

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