Peak absorption wavelengths for Chl. A & B etc etc

BotanyNoobDecember 20, 2013

Firstly hello :D (as I am brand new to these forums)

Secondly I apologise if this is not the correct forum for this post, it seemed the most appropriate.

Okay, where do I start :D

I have learnt that the peak absorption for Chl. A & B are 437 nm & 672 nm and, 472 nm & 653 nm (as they exist in the plant : when they are bound to proteins) respectively but am unsure of a few things. None of the graphs I can find are particularly high detail so although the absorption points appear to have extremely sharp fall off's / drops I can not tell for sure (I am looking for LED's at these specific wavelengths however I'm not even sure that they exist). Is there a great detail of variance between plants in peak absorption points (for instance there is quite a substantial difference between absorption points for Chl. A & B suspended in ether when compared to Chl. A & B as they exist in plant leaves (bound to proteins?).
Also could anyone point me towards a list for all carotenoid pigments and there peak absorption points? How important are these pigments (can they also be referred to as photosystems? What are their specific functions) to the lifecycle of a plant (what effects do they have)?

Again, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask these questions. This is all relatively new to me (something I have recently become interested in the last few months). Also sorry if these questions have been asked before, I'll check the search function now. I have been trying to research this by myself but numbers seen to vary so much between sources and there is just so much information to parse (I have been doing a lot of research but as I am unfamiliar with the subject I am having some difficulty understanding a lot of what I am reading, currently reading through ).

One last question xD. Not so important that it's answered as I think this is definitely the wrong place to ask.
Does anyone have any experience growing Ginseng? Is it cost effective to grow indoors (It appears to be quite expensive, could it be profitable?)?

Thanks in advance for any replies and once again, sorry for being such a noob xD


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I think you are way, WAY, WAY over analyzing this, but rather than trying to address all of your concerns here, I will direct you to the Growing Under Lights Forum, linked below. I can answer some basic lighting questions, but it sounds like you may have the desire and means to go "hi-tech", so I think you may get more complete answers in that forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Under Lights Forum

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