begonia trimming

clairdo2(3)August 1, 2012

My begonia seems to be dying. I cut off all the spots where flowers were. Will it continue blooming ? What can i do to make it bloom more. We had a very hot summer and i dont think it liked all that heat.

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also i would like to know if its a tuberous

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hard to say - the leaves don't look like the usual tuberous types (tuberhyrida or Riegers) if it is tuberous it will need long days to continue blooming and they don't care for heat.

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I agree with Woebegonia. Your Begonia doesn't look tuberous/Riegers.

Why do you think it's dying? It looks good. Healthy and in bloom.

I know what you mean about the heat..Begonias dislike heat. I lost a few myself w/temps over 100F. Toni

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It had tons of flowers but now there are no new ones so i thought it was done. The leaves do look healthy though.

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It looks like a Solenia Begonia, which is suppose to bloom year around. Does it show any new basal growth? Cause that is what usually happens if you start to trim and new growth comes up at the base and rebloom evenually.

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