I would like to know...

australia(French riviera)December 7, 2005

When a tree is adult,normally it stop growing ....

but what about the rows,do they continue to grow or not?,and if they continue,why the branches,in that case,does not give new shoots ??

Many thanks in advance


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pinetree30(Sierra Westside)

As long as a tree is alive, it grows.

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australia(French riviera)

Thank you Ron for your response!and the same time ijust see that i made a misprint,calling "rows"what should be named roots

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pinetree30(Sierra Westside)

To answer your question a bit more fully -- An older tree will usually grow much more slowly than it did in its youth, but it doesn't stop entirely until it dies. That's why annual rings can be used to measure tree age (wherever the rings form once a year). Roots may no longer extend for great distances with each year's growth, but they add many fine roots annually which die and get replaced within the year. Leaves have a finite life span, so even in "evergreen" trees the leaves die and are replaced. N

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