Please help..Every frustrating. Picture of brown leaves.

meyermike_1micha(5)August 15, 2010

All of a sudden, leaves on a few of my begonias will do this..

Can someone tell me what it could be..I do not put them in full sun..Morning or late afternoon sun is what I provide..I wait until after the mix has dried out before watering again.... I use a well aerated mix that dries out rapidly..

Any help would be appreciated..Thank you so much..

Thank you very much.


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All set..

I got my answer...

Thanks you anyway..:-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Begonia

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What is the composition of your mix for begonias?

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Hi rainygarden..

I was told it was a disease and without looking at the link, I can't remember..

It is one that is still in farfard mix which is basically 80% bark, the rust perlite and peat..

I normally grow most my plants in a gritty mix or a mix with very little peat, such as 5 parts bark, one part peat, and one part perlite..

Do have a recommendation? Another idea?

Thank you for asking..:-)


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Hi: No, I don't that's why I was asking. The 5-1-1 isn't working for the very small plants I have. I tried to add more peat and that didn't help. I am now spraying
RD-20 fungicide in case it is some kind of fungus. But I think it's too late and now I'll try to root the leaves from the only plant left.

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Hi rainygarden,

Mine is not in the 5.1.1 mix...I usually use it, but this time I was lazy and just used the Farfard mix..

I am really starting to think there is some kind of blight going around....Al at the houseplant forums pointed it out to me and I was reading that this disease, affects begonias and grape leaves especially.. Go figure, right?

I have never grown one before, thought I would try, and the only two I have do this...

I am going to do what Al says, and remove all the affeceted leaves and start a couple of cuttings...
I hope it works....:-(


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