mini and dwarf begonias

plantman532000(z5 NcntrlPa.)August 15, 2007

Is anyone out there growing mini and dwarf begonias? I just got some from the Violet Barn and think they are so pretty. I was wondering if they need to be terrarium grown or if they do well in a regular household area like a window sill or light garden.

They are very cute and take up so little space which is very scarce for me.


John in Pa.

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You would be safer keeping them in terrariums to begin with but some are not mini or dwarf once they start growing.

I got a 'Shamus' from them a year to a year and a half ago and it has spread nearly two foot on a table in my living room. The glass table top is 20" in diameter

Here it is in April this year.

And in June this year.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Hoo boy, Butch, that's a purty Shamus! Mine was doing very well (at least I thought so 'til I saw those pictures!) but I grow most my begonias outside, and I've been having problems this year with a grasshopper-type thing that eats great pieces out of some of them, and also some chiritas. Things tend to do better outside with all the humidity--until the bugs get to work. Ah well--they're basically healthy and will come back. sigh

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

but I got too carried away with Shamus-- Some of the little ones from Rob stay pretty small, and some need terrariums, but not all. It would help if you told us what you got.

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plantman532000(z5 NcntrlPa.)

The ones I got are:

Black Fang
Red Eye
Minni Merry
Dainty Lady
China Doll
Last Laugh
Little keepsake
Madame Butterfly
bowerae higramarga
Winky's Chocolate Chip
Five 'n Dime

They are all so cute. I got the mini and dwarf specials where they pick the plants. I really like them and hope to be able to care for them properly.

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