Murdannia loriformis or bracteata?

sebastian130880December 30, 2008

Sorry, I think, I didn't send this Message(I think, an accident has happened):

So, again:

I don't know - is it bracteata or loriformis:

Are you able to view(see) the 3 pics in big?

If not, let me know it!

The German gardeners can't help me, could you?

Sorry about my grammatically writing...

Ich freue mich auf Antworten von EUCH!

I am happy, to read your answers.



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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Assuming it is one of the two, you should be able to tell by the following descriptions on eFloras. The thing that sticks out to me when I very quickly skimmed the descriptions is that M bracteata grows from horizontal rhizomes while M loriformis has no rhizomes.

Murdannia bracteata:

Murdannia loriformis:

Below is the key to the Murdannia genus for China which includes both species.

Murdannia key:

Here is a link that might be useful: Murdannia Key

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