Fran re photos

blue_heelerJanuary 13, 2009

Hi Fran,

My son showed me today how to post photos on this forum, so I will have to show you sometime. You have to share some of your amazing garden with the world. This lady has a huge waterfall in her back yard. I will post one right now to see if I can master it. One of my favourite, Edmundoa Paradoxa. Ooops, I'll have to make future ones smaller.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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.....and get the name right. It should be Edmundoa Perplexa in the message.

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Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the offer.Kerry is going to try and teach me long distance but if I have problems I'll ring you.It is probably a lot easier than I think it is.
That Edmundoa Perplexa has a very interested and unusual flower.
Cheers Fran

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Jennie, is it possible that you post that picture again, please. That one showing your Edm perplexa flowering. I was so impressed with what I saw, that I ordered that plant and it arrived today. And when I went to have another look at that picture of yours, it was removed from Photobuckit so I could not see it anymore.

I tried to look everywhere on the Internet, and I cannot find a picture of it.

So, please, I would really appreciate that.

Thanks, Japie

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