Begonia Pavonina "peacock" blue begonia

flower_baby(southern oregon)August 4, 2013

I just ordered this begonia, and I can't find much information on it when I googled.
Some sites said it needs high humidity like in a terrarium, some say it dosnt need a terrarium and can just be set on a pebble tray.
What kind of potting soil should it be in?
I've also read that if you keep it in low light, it wil develop more of the peacock blue iridescence. Is that true? Will it grow well as a low light plant?

Any information on this plant would be appreciated :)
Thank you!

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I had and lost this one years ago. The thin leaves tell you it needs good humidity, terrarium or tight, clear container probably best, at least when it is time to start heating the home, unless you are growing in a greenhouse with full controls.

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flower_baby(southern oregon)

What kind of light and watering needs does it have? Would a pebble tray provide enough humidity?
It was kind of expensive and really beautiful so I want to make sure I can provide it with what it needs :)

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Assuming you are growing indoors, it will do fine on the EDGE of a light system, it will hold the color that way. Yes a pebble tray would hold humidity, but as an aid. It still needs to be grown under some kind of cover to hold enough humidity. I grew mine that way successfully in damp sphagnum moss which had been soaked in fertilizer, then squeezed unitl it felt only damp, and then used as potting medium for the plant. I still grow many humidity-sensitive plants that way. Depending on your light fixtures (and I am speaking of two40W flourescent bulbs), that should be plenty of light and don't put the plant directly UNDER that lighting but near the light. My plant grew well, bloomed, I crossed B. xanthina on it, had yellow flowers from that cross, and then lost the whole three. The story of my life. . .If the plant looks good right now ,I would get it established first NEAR the light and make sure the room heat is not hot, cool to warm conditions is what I think tropicals need; generally speaking there is no transpiration in begonias above 75 degrees F, I think it is always better to grow the terr. types cooler than warmer. If you can grow Rexes, I think the humidity loving species take about the same care. Anybody else on this subject is welcome to chime in and contribute comments here if they have different opinions.

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I grow pavonina with chlorosticta in a 53 gallon terrarium with a base of horticultural charcoal and perlite, a medium of approximately 60 % long fiber,New Zealand Sphagnum moss. 30 % perlite, and 10 % coir chunks. I also add a small amount of lime and Ironite Plus. I use one 53 watt T5 bulb, four feet long. I keep a tiny fan on the top of the terrarium to move the heat away from the terrarium. In the summer my plant room gets temps in the 80's,and the plants are fine. The medium is always moist,but not wet. Water is always,except on very warm weather, condensing on the terrarium wall and on pavonina's leaves. When I first got pavonina, those drops of water would trigger leaf spot ~> rot.
neem leaf power (1/8 teaspoon to one cup water) sprayed onto leaves stopped this.

Here is a link that might be useful: my pavonina

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