Speaking of Droopy Begonias......

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)August 1, 2005

.....Okay, I admit it; I let some of my beautiful begonias dry to the point of drooping.

What were once wonderful, tall, upright stems are now sadly drooping shadows of their former glorious selves.

What should I do? They are in north-facing windows. The only other available window is an unobstructed south window. Should I put them under lights? Remove some of the droopy stems so they won't zap any more energy and pray for the best?

b. 'Super Curl,' 'Nautilus' and 'Purple Snow' anxiously await your answers.



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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

usually a totally droopy plant will come back after some intense watering. (i leave pots in a saucer/small bowl of water for at least 15-30 minutes of bottom watering).

it's sad, but most of the big stems are usually toast at this point and generally look like heck--getting crispy margins, black spots etc. the plant will put out new growth after it perks up, but go ahead and trim off some of the worst older leaves.


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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Thanks, Ming; as always, your help is appreciated.

I will get out the scissors and do better with what's left of these begonias.


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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

oh, and don't feel bad, linda--

i only know this because i've done it more than a few times. :)


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Haven't we all?

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