Brom garden

red.barristerJanuary 25, 2009

Hi guys! I have been following your posts here on GW and I found it very interesting and informative. I like looking at pictures and I learn a lot from your discussions.

Its been just a year since I started collecting broms from the local gardens here in the Philippines. There are not so many growers here so brom varieties are few. Anyway, I'd like to share some photos with you guys.

The broms that I got had no tags and most of the times, even the sellers do not know what their names are. I would like to ID my broms but it is difficult to get confirmation. I hope you guys can help me out when I start tagging the broms. I dont know much about broms but I'm very much hooked at getting more broms in the future!

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That looks like a pretty fine collection for only one year of collecting, there are a few there that I'm envious of.

Thanks for sharing.


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what are the two terra cotta pieces in the last picture that look like towers?

are they strictly decorative or do they serve another purpose? I like them.

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Hi Red, ...."I don't know much about broms"...... what a statement of underestimation.

You have a fantastic, well grown collection which is very artistically arranged. I love the effect of the plants around the waterfall and the rough textured wall as a background to your other plants, and the flowering Aechmea against the wall really makes a statement.

My imagination goes into overdrive thinking of the things you can do with that wall in the next twelve months. Please keep us posted on your work as it progresses I'd especially like to see that wall after you have been growing brom's for another twelve months.

Great Stuff!

All the best, Nev.

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Very cool photos. It looks like you've been quite busy.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Todd

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Hey guys!

Thanks for appreciating the pictures! Your words are very encouraging! I have much more to learn about this passion for broms. Fortunately, this forum provides a lot of information from your collective experiences. I hope to read more from your discussions. I sure have a lot of questions to ask in the future.

The terra cotta pieces in the last picture hold candles inside them which gives a very nice and rustic glow at night. They make the garden come alive in the dark like little fairy houses in the corners, especially when the candlelight flickers in the gentle breeze and casts playful shadows against the broms. I'll get you guys a picture of that sometime.

Again, thanks for the kind words! I appreciate them very much!

Best regards,

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What a fantastic collection.!! Have a question do any of these ever "escape" from cultivation and become established?? To my knowledge all Broms are native to the western hemisphere.. Obviously the climate is great for them lol. is that a problem in the Phillipines?? gary

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Me, too, I like the bromeliad tree. Are you in metro Manila?

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WOW WOW how i love all your broms and your homemade shadehouse and all your terracotta pots and your wall and your dripping water and and and alllllllll your broms , how awesome
everything looks so authentic and oh how i just love it all
do you know what percent shadecloth you are using?
I can see that your brom house is up high above houses and on the side of a hill too...WOW, so is it only morning sun that you get or only afternoon sun that you get?
Or how does it work?
im still sitting here gobsmacked*smile*
I love it

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Hi Gary!

Thanks for your post! I don't exactly know what you mean by 'escape' and 'establish' with reference to broms. I still have to find out about that. I just started going to plant shops and bought broms that I think looked nice and that I still do not have. Broms here are not tagged at all.

I live in the northern part of the Philippines and distinctly the climate here is about 12 to 24 degrees celsius all year round with cooler months during christmas time. I guess they do well in this climate. I've had problems though when there are typhoons because they wreck the garden with strong winds and some broms get rotten or their leaves permanently damaged by strong winds.

Hey Inang!

I presume you are also from the Philippines. I am from Baguio City. Do you have broms in Metro Manila? Maybe we can get in touch and share ideas over the phone about broms. I'm sure you have a lot of knowledge about this plants to share especially growing them here in the Philippines.

Hey Bromaloonie!

I just got a fine nylon fishing net and doubled it up and put it atop the garden. I just improvise and use what materials we have here. I just get morning sun. Usually its cloudy already in the afternoons. I think its a problem too because since I moved some of the broms into the garden, some of their new leaves have been elongated and colors have gotten pale. many have turned greener than usual and lost some of their colors.

Thanks for the posts guys!


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I used to live there. I think your temperature there in Baguio is perfect. I had the same greenies before and by
chance I moved them to a better location for colors. Your
broms look very healthy, tho. I don't know of any major seller except for few ones, I mostly do mail orders.

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