Where do you buy your begonias?

karan_in_oregon(Zone 8 Oregon)August 2, 2012

Other that E-bay where do you buy your begonias?

I'd like to get several before the cool weather sets in.

Thank you, Karan

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Locally if I can - they are the biggest, best quality for low cost and you can pick out the best of the bunch.

Then it is mail order, conventions, and trips to other states.

Mail order - Logee's, Kartuz, Taylor GH, Rob's Violets, Accents for Home and Garden, Lauray of Salisbury are some of the best of the ones out there.

Conventions are a smorgasbord and the one in San Diego starts next week but it will cost you $$$ but can be a lot of fun too.

Florida has lots of nurseries and if you get to Miami visit Palm Hammock Orchid Estate - worth the trip. Kartuz in CA is pretty nice too.

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Pretty much the same places Hcmcdole does, but never heard/ordered from Lauray of Salisbury.

Locally, if the stores have something worthwhile.

Oh, and Ebay...Toni

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We have a local nursery here that has a lot of good ones. I used to be a member of the local begonia society, and have gotten some there at sales. Other than that, I get them from Kartuz.

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The SF Botanical Garden is a good local source--they now have a shop open every day, but the best bet is to go to one of their monthly sales, or to their big annual sale.

They happen to have a sale this Saturday, and the theme is shade plants, so I imagine they will have plenty of Begonias:


Their prices tend to be lower than one would find at retail sources. Still, the local nurseries are a great source, and there are a lot of interesting plants available at good prices. Half Moon Bay Nursery and Annie's Annuals are among the good retail nurseries, although there are many others.

Here is a link that might be useful: SF Botanical garden sales (repeat of above link)

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Just wanted to follow up on my previous comment on the sales at the SF Botanical Garden (aka Strybing Arboretum). They had a really nice selection of plants today, and lots of good advice on what to select and how to grow it.

I picked up the following Begonias: B. Paul Hernandez, B. luxurians x gehrtii (on the right in the photo, actually 20 inches tall), and a big Begonia toledana for $8 and $10. I also picked up a Tetrastigma ($5) and an Impatiens marianae ($3).

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Mark, wow, beautiful Begonias at great prices..You're right about the SF show.

Your Impatiens is going to be a beauty when mature..You're so lucky..")

Too bad we're in IL..lol.

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karan_in_oregon(Zone 8 Oregon)

Thank all of you for your help.
The San Francisco sale would have been something to see. I went to a plant show/sale at the Cow Palace many years ago and had never seen anything like it. I think I will order from Taylor's.

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The monthly sales at the San Francisco Botanical Garden are actually very small, but the quality and variety of the plants is high. Surprisingly few people show up to these sales. The Impatiens (there were many) at the sale were from Derick Pitman (aka "Mr. Impatiens") who is a volunteer there. Derick is responsible for many (most?) of the interesting Impatiens species available in this country. He's just one example of the sorts of people one ends up talking to at these sales.

Perhaps I should add that I've bought plants, but not Begonias, from Accents/Peppers and was very impressed. Kartuz is amazing of course, but I've only bought at the nursery, never mail order.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Nothing to really add to the discussion but am unable to stop myself from blurting "WOW" about both those especially pretty and BIG and SMALL (striped) leaves in Mark's picture. The latter is the Impatiens, right? Which one is the bottom left? I have an overwhelming urge to touch those leaves to see if they are fuzzy. Is that just a trick of the light?

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The Impatiens marianae is the little striped one in the 4 inch pot. Hopefully I can keep it alive--it sounds like it likes tons of moisture (I think maybe Derick said he sets it in water?), shade, no frost, no heat... I'll propagate it as soon as I reasonably can if it does well. There's an Ebay seller who has sold this plant before--he has great pictures and I give a link at the bottom.

The one in the bottom left is Begonia toledana (I think the tag said toledoana, but I think that must be correct). It is fuzzy. The Tetrastigma is also fuzzy. The Begonia "B. kellermanii hybrid" I posted on earlier is also fuzzy, and the guy at the sale (whose name I should know...) I believe said one of the differences between B. kellermanii and B. peltata is that the fuzz rubs off the former when touched. I've rooted a piece of that plant and will probably also propagate the B. toledana soon.

Going way off topic, I actually grow another plant, not a Begonia, that is purplish and looks fuzzy, but doesn't feel fuzzy. I think it has very short hairs maybe. It's a Bartlettina, that Annie's sells with the obsolete (and confusing) name of Eupatorium sordidum (the old name for Bartlettina sordida). I have a ton of those seeds, which may or may not be easy to grow (tried once, and got one seedling). I'm not sure if it grows in hot areas. Here's a plant (my mom's) in quite a bit of sun. Again, not a Begonia:

Here is a link that might be useful: Impatiens marianae description/photos from Ebay seller Strange Wonderful Things

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks! Your Eupatorium is beautiful. Unusual!

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