floppy leaves

terrycinor(7)October 28, 2009

I have a question for you all, I have two hippies and both of them have floppy leaves. Do you suppose they need more light to gain more strength in their leaves? I see all of your guy's pictures and their leaves look so nice and I wonder what I'm doing wrong.


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It could be that they require more light... or, it could just be that the plant requires a little help, as in a plant stake and a tie. Where is the plant? Is it in a south window? East? Or elsewhere?

If you think the plant is getting plenty of sunlight, you can fashion a plant support out of thick coat hanger wire. Bend a loop at the top large enough to corral the leaves and place the stake in the soil, with the loop around the leaves. Or, you can just stick a bamboo stake into the soil and tie the leaves up loosely with twine or large twistie ties.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks they are in an east window and did bloom last spring, so they don't mind where they are, the leaves are very thick and wide the largest ones are around 3" wide so maybe the are just to heavy to stand up on their own. I thought I had a picture to show what I mean but I can't find it right now.


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Ok... the leaves are just too heavy to hold themselves up. No big deal... just fashion a plant stake and tie up the leaves loosely. Or, you can buy a ready made plant stake hoop. Which ever you prefer.

I use either bamboo stakes and twine, or I fashion hoops out of clothes hangers or welding rod. A good, stiff wire will work. Leave about a foot or more straight, and bend a hoop to gather the leaves into. Stick the straight end into the pot and you've got instant support.

An eastern exposure should be enough light. That's where the majority of my plants sit... but I have so many that I've added extra lighting!

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