What do i use to fertilize my tillandsia?

auron22(6b OH)January 30, 2014

I've run out of the hinterland trading air plant fertilizer (2oz). I was going to buy another, but it's bothering me that I can't find any information on what is actually in it, only the NPK 17-8-22. From what I understand they absolutely hate certain minerals/nutrients like copper, zinc, and boron. I can't say if this fertilizer has done anything because I don't have experience without it to compare it to.

If no one knows what is in it, or if it is good/bad, what other fertilizers are out there for tillandsia?

I absolutely love tillandsia. I'm building up a small collection, started with 3 different species last February and is now 8 different kinds. Trying to make sure I'm doing everything right, so far I've only lost one, the argentea came in bad shape but was so cheap thought I might try to save it.

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nothing to see here

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I have two freshwater aquariums and I change out water twice a week. I fill a spray bottle with the water to spray my tillansias, and also hold the water aside in a tank for soaking the tillies. I've been doing this since Sept 2012 and as far as I can tell, the plants like it. If you don't have a freshwater aquarium, maybe you could use a very, very diluted fish emulsion, available in garden sections of many stores; just read the ingredients first. I suggest diluting a lot because I don't have many fish and the plants in the aquariums also use a lot of what the fish and snails, um, discard.

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