HAVE: 9 vaieties for Butterfly or French Connection

wanna_run_fasterFebruary 23, 2006


I have 9 small, small, small brugs including Tiara, Hawaiian Double White, Versicolor, Peaches & Cream, White Sauvogen, Creamsicle, Dr. Suess, Charles Grimaldi and Frosty Pink.

If anyone has ****Butterfly**** or ****French Connection**** and would like to arrange a future trade, please email me.

wanna_run_faster at yahoo.com

Thank you!

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I don't have the ones you're looking for but would you be interested in trading a Hawaiian Double White for a Herrenhauser Garten?

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Hi Michelejaxfl! I was trying to line up some future trades figuring it would take a while to get a response! :) I just got it in the mail yesterday. Admittedly it is a huge rooted plant and I would really love to take a cutting now just for "insurance", I'm going to let it grow a couple of months. If you haven't gotten this one by then, I'd be happy to trade!

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I would love to trade for your tiara, hawaiin double white and creamsickle. I have white perfection, orange delight plants, two- tone pink and golden delight plants, and many other items on my list. If you have just cuttings of these three varieties, that would be fine, thank you..

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DARLENE_TN(Z7 knoxville TN)

I have Butterfly! If you hollar at me when u r ready I can take a cutting then. I would like Tiara

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Hi Godsgarden9,

Thank you for your offer but right now between all the brugs, the bamboo and the bananas I don't have any room for anything else except the ones I have been lusting after! I'd be happy to send you some cuttings for postage after they grow a bit (probably about another month)! Thanks again.


I can't wait! Tiara is rooting for you now! Thank you!

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I don't have your requests, but I would love to have a Charles Grimaldi cutting for S&H. Just now getting started with brugs when a neighbor gave me a cutting this past fall.
I fell in love with them........

My email: gperry101@yahoo.com

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Sorry Moonrays, I can't take any cuttings off Charlie just yet!

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You have probably received Butterfly by now. I know I don't have French Connection (haven't really heard of it). I need to go through and catalog my brugs. I used to have it, but I lost several plants last winter. I am interested in some of the varieties you offer. Perhaps I have brugs you will want.

Please write and let me know if you are interested in exploring a trade.

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