Beefsteak begonia or??

joy4me(z6 NY)August 30, 2006

Hi there;

I have a good number of rex begonias, (3 medium to large the rest mostly small starts) I have had pretty good luck with them. I have been trying to find a beefsteak begonia (begonia erythrophylla) to no avail. But... I have found one that is similar in shape, though a little paler, almost olive in color and the roundish slightly oval (width wise) leaves, with points to the side, are covered with fine light color hair and bottom of leaf and stems are reddish. No other colors or markings, just plain green. I have not been able to ID this. It was the only one at the nursery and the manager didn't recognize it. This is one I haven't seen before. (Sorry, no pics) Anyone have any ideas which one this might be?

Thanks for any help you can supply!!

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There are so many varieties, that it would be difficult to give a name without a picture. I would suggest you browse the abastro site and see if any there are similar to the one you are trying to ID.


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joy4me(z6 NY)

Hi hcmcdole;

Ihave checked a lot of sites, but not this one. Thanks so much for the link!!

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joy4me(z6 NY)

Hi again;

I checked out the ABASTRO site and here is what I've come up with.

The leaf is shaped like Rhizomatous "Pagoda" , the coloring, stems and hairiness is like the thick stem
"Steve Tapia". That's the best discription I can come up with without a picture.

Wish my darn printer worked. Thanks again for the site!!!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

joy4me (love that name too!) I think the process of trying to identify begonias from pictures is exTREmely frustrating. I bought some without names and have been working very hard trying to identify them, unsuccessfully. Did manage a few. It's very hard to find anything unusual around here and when I do I tend to grab it quick, but I really wish they had names on them. Actually can't just blame local sellers who sell many things and only leave names on the way they come--I actually got a gorgeous begonia at a begonia convention that turned out not to be correctly named. I suppose someone pulled a tag out to look at it closely and just stuck it back in the nearest pot. Sure is frustrating!

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joy4me(z6 NY)

Hi greenelbows1;

Yes, I have to agree. In searching this one, I found pics of some others that I already have and thought I had IDs for, only to find they had different names on different sites. I've also noticed with some of mine that some young starter plants don't always look quite the same as mature plants. And some mature plants can have a few leaves that seem not to quite match in shape, color or texture. on top of that, so many are similar to each other with only slight variations that it's hard to be sure. This is likely to be the reason for many mis-identifications. However, this happens quite often with many other plants too! :) So all we can do is our best..(but it still drives me batty not to be able to get that ID> LOL

Though this is not the prettiest plant in my collection, I grabbed it because I hadn't seen one like it before and it was the only one of all those in the Nursery. I do like it though for it's difference.

I think that though the IDing process can be frustrating, it's also fun. I guess because we Love our Plants.

Thanks for your input and Happy plant hunting and successful IDing!!! :)

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joy4me(z6 NY)


Finally!!! Found it in a post from back in April.

Begonia Acetosa.....B. u245

Also got ID on my fern.....NOW I'm a real happy camper!!!!

Thanks again for you input!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I've been asked to give a program on begonias for a local group (we are very hard up for experts here!) and in refreshing my very poor memory, I ran across a statement in the Thompson begonia book that goes for lots of other plants too--they said that so many begonias look so similar to others, and as you said young leaves may look quite different from mature ones, that it is often best not to put a name on them as this adds to the confusion. (Not true of acetosa, tho'--there's nothing quite like it. Beautiful and distinctive plant!) I'm with you, though, in wanting to know the names of my plants, if for no other reason than that I truly hate spending my limited plant budget on plants I've already got. Sometimes I do it on purpose if I think I've identified something and want to be sure. Once I wanted a plant--not a begonia this time--that I just had a common name for. Ordered it six times. At least twice got the same plant I'd already gotten, but still don't have the one I wanted! I'll keep trying. *sigh*

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joy4me(z6 NY)

Hi greenelbows;

Yes, I agree on the problem of IDing in plants. So many companies re-name them that the distinction is lost. I have so many rex (and some other house plants) that look *almost* identical but for a slight difference either as young starters or as they mature that IDing them is near to impossible. Then there's the problem of mis-labeling too *Sigh* from me also.

Again, Thanks for your help and interest.

Good Luck with your program!! I'm sure you'll do Great!!!!


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Thanks for the good wishes, Joy. I've been reviewing like mad, and if I can pass on a tenth of what I've re-learned I'll be doing well. The awful part is seeing all the lovely begonias that make me say, 'Oh, I used to have that!'


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