Begonia Boweri

jleco25September 17, 2013

I have a really old begonia boweri.. its gotten a bit woody and just isn't very bushy.. I'm a total beginner with begonias should I try propagating new ones from what is left and just discard this? Will the propagation work in the soil that it is in now?

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It looks like richmondensis. The soil looks dry from what I can see in this picture.

I would start with a new pot with new potting mix or at least discard a lot of the old soil in this hanging basket and add new soil. Take cuttings that have at least 3 nodes.

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B y the way, There is no B. boweri, the correct spelling is B. bowerae. They had to change the ending of the name of this plant because it is named after a woman, and so the Latin on the end is 'ae' and not 'i', athough the original misspelling is common in many books. I agree your plant does look like B. 'Richmondensis'.

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