Aechmea species list

Lisa_13(5)January 6, 2013

Hello- I am looking for a resource for Aechmea species. FCBS has a list, and 'The Plant List' shows species. A. abbreviata, for example, only shows up on one list.

What resource is the best for most up to date Brom species info?

Thanks much!

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Is Wikipedia lacking?


Here is a link that might be useful: Wiki lists 255 species

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Thanks for the response, tj.

Usually Wikipedia isnt a reliable botanical resource.

I was hoping for a link or site with a bit more rigor. I wasnt sure how active this Brom forum was..... seems like none of the bromeliad forums are very active (that I have been able to find).

Here are some examples of what I was hoping for:

An excellent Euphorbia site:

An excellent Lithops site:

Anyway, much appreciated :)

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FCBS has more than a "list" once you explore the site. As for infomation.... what are you looking for? Several people here can answer questions about Aechmea. Since the group is so diverse, like all bromeliad species, the best information sometimes comes from someone who grows the particular plant. Bromeliad societies are also an excellent source of information. Maybe there is one in your area.

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If you want the official list of accepted names and synonyms then you need to go to the Kew Gardens checklist. It's updated daily and it's not accepted until they have it listed. Other data bases are not updated as regularly. This is from a scientific/taxonomic perspective. Societies have their own views and inconsistencies that you get with hobbyists, as serious as they might be about it. This is the link to the Kew checklist:

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I am also looking for a list of aechmea to determine which are hardy in zone 9B, in central Florida. I already have several in my shade gardens, but don't know the names. I'd like to purchase more.

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Since 95% of people growing bromeliads are hobbyists the best source of info is from them. You have a great society and many growers in your area since you are in Florida. Look on FCBS for the society in your area.
Michael's Bromeliads has a great many varieties to offer and will help you with growing tips.
See link below for his current availability list

Here is a link that might be useful: Michael's

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