wolfen(z5 IN)March 10, 2008

New to the brug-bug, I have a white, name unknown to me, and really would like other colors. Don't know if can trust e-bay,(????) and havn't seen any for sale localy. I would gladly pay postage for a rooted cutting, or small plant , or would trade for cuttings that I have started in water. Really would like a pink, and yellow. I hope I'm not being pushy, ( I will have some bamboo shooting soon that I could offer.....hardy to zone 5 ??)



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Welcome Wolfen!
You`v come to the right place lots of generous folks here
with good information and cuttings,usually in the fall.
I think you can trust ebay to buy plants just make sure to
check the sellers feedback before you buy, I have bought
several from ebay.
What part of Indiana are you from? Im from Brownstown.
Glad to see you here!


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There's several trustworthy Ebay sellers. There's also some online brug nurseries, namely Country Garden and Seed Sprout. If buying on Ebay just check the seller's feedback rating as Karen said. Fall is when most of us prune our plants and offer cuttings.

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I have rooted cuttings of yellow as well as pink. Would love to trade for your white. You have e-mail.

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Randy Ritchie


I don't have alot, as I'm renting. But my landlady has given her blessing to me starting plants from what's here in the landscape. What a gal!

I have a lovely fragrant peachy color brug if you'd like me to send you a cutting or root one for you. Email me if you want to discuss, as I don't get on the brug group much.


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