Any tips on rooting cuttings?

sahm2Jordan(z8 Coastal NC)September 21, 2004

I have a wax begonia that needs trimming and I want to root the cuttings. I also have a begonia cutting on the way from a trade. (rex I think) Any tips for rooting? I tried to root some of the wax begonia in water awhile back and they all rotted so this time will use light soil. Should I use rooting hormone?


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AdamM321(MA z5/6)

I want to do the same thing. I took two cuttings off one plant and stuck it in a glass of water. Will that do the trick?


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Begoniac(z10 FL)

There are many ways to do it. One easy way is to put the cuttings in ZipLock bags. The plant you take cuttings from should be well hydrated before the "operation". The cuttings themselves should be dry before putting them in the bags; in other words, turgid, but no water on the leaves. Seal the ZipLock tight, keep in good light, but no full sun. When you see little roots starting to form, take it out and pot it up in a light mix. Keep slightly moist.

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To make sure I'm not undercaffeinated, you put the nice fresh leaf in a ziplock, with no soil, no nothing, correct?

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Begoniac(z10 FL)

Correct...leaf or stem cuttings. The ziplock acts as a mini terrarium, and roots form rather quickly. If you put drops of water in the bag, though, the cuttings will probably rot. They do fine on their own.

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sahm2Jordan(z8 Coastal NC)

Thanks I'll give it a try. :)


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kes_cor(Z5 Chicago, IL)

How many leaf cuttings can you put into one ziplock bag? Should they be in individual bags? I currently have 5 leaf cuttings in one gallon size ziplock bag. About how long should it take for the roots to form?

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Has anyone taken cuttings dip them in rooting hormone & placed in soiless mix, placed in sun (not direct sun) . How does this method work for you?


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michiganmom(z5 S MI)

I"ve had the best luck taking cuttings and putting them directy into soil.

In the spring the best thing has been the stuff (sand, muck, clay) dug out of the pond. It seems to work great for Impatiens also. But right now I have some in some potting mix my hubby bought from Sams. It's light and fluffy but does have some fertilizer in it. I tried to root Wax Begonias all winter in water and they have died now that I planted them in soil.

Does anyone have a good link that describes all sorts of Begonias? I really expected a FAQ here that would explain what Wax Begonia is and what a tuber Begonia is.. yes I've figured it out after hours of reading but I'm still not confident I understand.

I know there are fibrous and tubers.

I love my wax begonia that I over wintered in a hanging basket. It looked like crap for most of Feb and part of January but now it's thriving. What's weird though is the flowers really lightened up over the winter. They were a dark pink.. almost burgandy during the summer but were a light pink in early January. Now they are darkening. I assume it's a light effect. I'd love any links that would explain this. I have done some googling.

In fact I love my wax begonias so much I am not going to bother with Impatiens this year. The waxes seem to be so much hardier.


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I use rooting hormone. Then place the cutting in a small cup filled with potting soil. Place the cup and cutting inside plastic bag.

Marv - Montezuma, IA

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Album

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

A good link is the American Begonia Society (just google it, I'm too retarded to provide a link! but google is SO easy!) and they will have links to other sites.

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