WANTED: Rooted Cuttings. Any Variety

poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)March 16, 2014

I spent a small fortune on small UNROOTED cuttings, assured they would root and grow and I would be so happy. Well they are now dead, all the 'nubbies' that came out in the water, I put them in sterile fast draining soil, and they all have died now. I go through this when ever I try to get Brugs. to grow from cuttings. I need rooted cuttings.

I am not looking for named exotic varieties, all I want is simple Versicolor, white, anything that lives. All my Versicolors have died over the past 2 years in this yard, and now I have inherited this yard/ house that I grew up in, the yard is barren, but its now mine.

I need to get some big plants in it, and flowers and make gardens again, make it look like a home again, not a deserted mess. People must think it is an empty meth lab house. I am embarrassed to say it is mine.
I had it covered in brugs. and bird or paradises and banana trees, and grass. Now it is practically devoid of life, except weeds. Other matters were more important for the past year, but they have now passed on. So now I have to bring MY yard/house back to life.

Does anyone have any ROOTED cuttings of any varieties that they would be willing to 'donate' to my trying to make my yard a blooming yard again? I have nothing to trade, only greenbacks,( I don't know what word gets a posting deleted, thus 'donate' and greenbacks'). I am in need of some life around this house. I lost my parents fights, and now I have an empty house and a yard that makes me cry.

Probate is such fun, as I am sure many people know and have been through themselves ! The seller I got those cuttings from doesn't care, and wont replace them. Rooted Brug. cuttings on EBay are SO expensive, as you know and as I found out. And I cant find any Brug. plants locally.

So at this point I have nothing to loose by begging for ROOTED cuttings of any type of Brug. so I am doing it. There must be some fellow gardeners that have ROOTED cuttings that they don't need and would be willing to 'donate' or trade for a few greenbacks, and not leave me in a bigger financial hole? Anyone?

I was always told if you don't ask, you don't get an answer, so I am asking. I need to get life back in this yard, and Brugs. fill up a lot of space fast, and look spectacular in bloom. Not much $$$ left with probate still going on, and I cant try unrooted cuttings again. I burned that money. So I am asking my fellow gardeners, maybe someone has some rooted cuttings they can let go of, or 'want to get rid of'. It would be greatly appreciated. I can grow them, I just cant get them started. This yard needs life in it. Can anyone help?

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I just started with brugs year b-4 last . I just place cuttings in a bucket of clean water and at least 90% or better root. I keep them in the laundry room , cool & dark . When I pot them up they need lots of water to transition from water to soil. I've never shipped any- wouldn't know how. But otherwise I'd be glad to help

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