B. luxurians Redux

woebegoniaSeptember 29, 2011

I decided to start a new thread, the other was so long and getting very horizontal to read. My seeds of luxurians started in 5 days, Toni. I forgot to say I like the dark color of my mix because it is easier to see the seedlings and I think lower light makes it less likely that algae will start.I had some cleanup done on my computer and I was wrong to blame this site for being slow, it was my fault. I loved the photo of 'Irene Nuss', I have it too, it is my all time favorite. You have great pictures, HEMC.

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Here is B. maculata grown by (at least I think it is by) Doug Pridgen down in deep FL. This was at the 2006 Miami convention. It is about 5 feet tall and excellently grown.

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That reminds me of a huge plant I once saw a photo of, B. 'Looking Glass'. Anytime I get some height on my LG, like about 10", it attracts mildew, I cut it back, and the whole thing starts all over again. I know Toni has LG as well as a form of the above ('Wightii'?), how are they doing, Toni?

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Yep, Looking Glass can be hard at times but so can maculata (it is mildew prone as well). I doubt you will see many maculatas that tall or grown as well as this one.

Anyway here is a very large pot of Maurice Amey and probably Lana at Discovery Cove, Orlando, FL 4 years ago. I think they were between 4 and 5 feet tall and the pot adds another 3 feet or more.

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H, I can't recall all you wrote on your last post. lol
However, B Irene Nuss and Grey Feather are beautiful and SO very tall.
The other Begonia pics taken are gorgeous, too. Wow, I had NO idea Begonias grew so tall and wide. I'm glad I came to the Begonia Forum. You taught me so much, thank you.

For some strange reason, your B. maculate didn't show. Just an 'X'

How I wished I lived in southern Fl. 'dream'

Woe. 5 days! Well, guess my B. luxurians are history. My fault. I should have put seeds in the fridge this summer, but it didn't cross my mind until you suggested it.

They were sowed in Peat Pellets, and so far nothing. They were sowed 9/18..
I also sowed Bottle Palm seeds and Green Peppers the same day. None have sprouted. If anything, the peppers should have long ago..they take a few days to germinate.

So, I messed up. Guess I wasn't meant to have B. luxurians, lol. Seems that way.

I've been scrubbing windows and areas where plants will be brought in. Summer flew by, and always something to do. Since I don't use chemicals it's plucking and digging to rid weeds.
Also, caring for house plants, in and outdoors takes time. Still, it's my fault. I should have known better by placing seeds in the fridge.

Next spring, 'unless I find B. luxurians, 'true,' I'll reorder seeds, if available, and try once again. I didn't toss seeds, not that impatient. lol, but I'm not very optimistic, either.

BTW, Woe, you've been very helpful, too. You and H taught me a lot about Begonias the last month or so. Thanks.

If B. Looking Glass soil is dried between waterings, will it still mildew? Mine has never had this problem, but it's been raining, 'except for today,' non-stop the last 8 days. On the other hand, my Begonias are underpotted, so I'm hoping the soil dries enough so mildew doesn't appear.

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HEMC, I always thought 'Maurice Amey' had a tendency to mildew, as well as the others. I did a little looking, 'Sinbad' and 'Burning Bush' are sibling crosses of U062 and B.dipetala, that's a lethal combination for mildew.I think if the lady from Sweden would experiment with B. dipetala she might lose interest in B. U062(I've been learning to use italics but it isn't working here today). Toni, don't give up on those seeds, put them aside, don't toss them, something might happen yet.I've heard stories of people who shoved their seed pan out of sight, forgot about it, and something turned up!Don't order more, I will share mine if you want them.It sounds as though you know how to grow 'Looking Glass', letting it dry sounds ominous, maybe it gets good humidity where you grow it (?). How tall is it, if it is starting to look like a palm tree you are supposed to pinch off the top, prop it, and in the meantime newgrowth may start from the bottom and if we all live long enough, down the road, you may have a plant which looks like B.maculata above. At least the darn thing props easily. Clicking on the X usually shows a picture for me, I hope you can bring it up.

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You are correcto mundo on Maurice, Sinbad, etc (all are mallets) being mildew prone but that is no reason to write them off. Grow them as annuals and enjoy!

Here is Sinbad from a few summers ago. Usually I can find a gallon size for about $5 around town and it can grow fairly big in one summer.

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My niece and nephew hauled me into K-Mart to see a display of digital cameras, they seem to know a lot about it, using one with computers, I mean, but I am still a bit at sea. Do you, HEMC and Toni, have built-in flash with your cameras? To return to plants, my seedling of B. luxurians, the largest, is at 3" and is showing one small leaf with divided leaflets, I am quite impressed, Toni, so keep your fingers crossed. I ran across an article about that red X which sometimes won't let you click on and in, supposedly you can try 'Refresh',or R.click on it and follow directions, if that won't work it can get even more complicated. I can usually just click on and get a picture.

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Yes all my cameras have built in flash but I try not to use them if I can. I also have two Canon flashes that I can mount one of on my DSLR. I can bounce this flash or use a cord to get it off the camera or use radio control for both flashes (can get expensive quickly). My little camera has a dedicated flash but I try to turn it off most of the time. Hope this makes sense.

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Woe, you know, I never thought about the bulb. lol. I just snap, dl on the puter, and post. I guess my camera has a bulb, just don't know where it's located.

Well, Ruth, your Begonias have really grown. I give up, but won't toss them, just yet.
So, one is growing its first, 'true leaf?' Congrats. Can't wait to see how they grow.

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My seedling finally started to grow last month, hard to believe it germinated in July of 2011. So slow to grow, must have been some sort of survival mechanism (?)

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