WANTED: Well rooted brug plants-can't root a cutting!

skipper08(6)April 25, 2014

I love these plants and have tried multiple times to root cuttings I paid a lot for on ebay. Even bought some water rooted cuttings-no dice.
Four years ago I bought some nice plants, 14-18 inches tall and they done wonderful!! Didn't know I had to bring them in over the Winter!! Sad, my bad.
If anybody has some well started plants, I have a pretty good list of plants to trade. Any amount, any size start of anything I have and won't be dug up until I have a trade!
Getting mine to you.....I have shipped items and plants all over the US! Shipped a hood for a Chevy s-10, with a 4 inch cowl, to ALASKA!! That was fun...
So please...if you have some brugs, take a look at my list.


thanks much, lisa

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Send me an e-mail in spring to remind me and I'll send you some rooted cuttings, I always have a ton of them around the yard. I have some other stuff on your list so I'll just fill up a box with stuff. Just pay postage. If you want me to mail this time of year I will but you will probably be better off waiting for spring.

Sorry I didn't see this posting earlier in the year.
Tally HO!

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I do not have any burgs and would like to start one. The one I would like to have is Eternity or one similar. My favorite color in all plants is pink.

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