Transplanting begonias

wdc202(Wash. DC)September 22, 2012

I'd appreciate advice on transplanting begonias. First, this very basic questions: Are all varieties of begonias grown from tubers?

I want to move a dozen or so begonia plants from area 1 to area 2. Area 1 is a large collection of mature begonias that have been doing well for several years without replanting each year.

a. Is the fall (now) a good time to move them?

b. Do I just dig plants out from area 1 taking a large clump of soil and then plant the clump in area 2? Or is there a better way of moving them?

c. Do I fertilize the transplants? With what?

d. I have read about storing begonia tubers in a cool place over the winter and then planting them in the spring. Is this really necessary or can the transplanted plants winter over in the ground?


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I can be a little help. Not all varieties of begonias are grown from tubers. None of mine are, because they don't grow well where I am. Most of mine are cane begonias. They can get several feet tall and have clusters of blooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: cane begonia article

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Fall can be a good time to transplant, it depends on your climate, I would guess Maryland is too cold for begonia tubers to be left in the ground over winter. b. You have described a good way to transplant. c. I wouldn't fertilize any plant in the winter, there would be no growth to benefit it.

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What sort do you have? If you definitely have tuberous begonias and they've miraculously survived a Baltimore winter; then you've got a good warm location for the original group and you're in good shape to experiment. You could transplant a chunk (def. don't feed and don't water much), bring some tubers in, and transplant some into pots and let them do dormant inside.

Here is a link that might be useful: overwintering tuberous

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