Combining Begonias

birdsnbloomsSeptember 15, 2013


I have several, 'cane' Begonias with foliage on top, but bare from center to base.

My question: Can I combine Begonias that require the same care in one pot?

One reason I'd like to combine, besides looking compact, is for space reasons.

I realize rooting is an option, but with winter approaching, quickly, this year,' don't know if cuttings willl root. Of course, 'depending on variety,' I will add a cutting or two w/mom to attempt new roots.

I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks, Toni

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Yes you can combine a number of the same or different begonias in a pot. The only caveat is no small begonias with huge begonias because they often get lost and die due to being shaded out.

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It's been a long time!!

How have you been?

Compact, small Begonias will remain in solo containers..It's the large, canes I'd like to pot in one or two pots.
I don't have many Begonias...15 or so.

Thanks for your help, and hope you're well.

You had the most gorgeous Begonias ever. I remember your different varieties.

Beautiful, orange-red blooms on your Begonia!! Toni

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Here is a very large container (18 inches) full sun until about 2 PM. It has two 1 gallon B. 'Sinbad', two 1 gallon B. 'Medora', a Persian Shield and a Persicaria 'Red Dragon' in it. Despite broken pieces from dogs running by it, some kind of bug damage (mostly Sinbad), and I have to continue to nip Red Dragon back, it has done very well.

Medora looks like it would be taken over by this combo but so far it is holding its own.

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Medora with some fat blooms a week ago.

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Here was the tray of canes I gave away too.

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Your Begonias are as gorgeous as I remember..

Think you told me you haul Begonias in during winter, is that right?

Do you have ant problems? If so, what do you do to rid them?

Dole, honestly, I can't ID most Begonias. I usually buy one I think pretty. lol

I've never heard of Persicaria either. Is it related to Begonias? I'll have to research.

You said the pot is 18" deep? Wow, 18" is BIG!
How many plants are in the 18" roots fill the container? Amazing!

Dole, I Googled Pericaria..It's a true beauty. The photo shows purple foliage with a deeper purple nearest the top, inner leaf.
While Googling, discovered Pericaria is sold at Plant Delights.

About Medora. Is Medora a plant? I Googled, and up came pictures of a place. lol.

There was one photo that led me to Flickr..the photo was a Begonia. Is that correct? In other words, Is Medora a Begonia?

See, what I mean about ID'ing 'gonias??? :(

Whose dog/s are running around your plants? Yours or a neighbors? Sheesh.
We have enough problems with birds, squirrels and other wildlife that we shouldn't have to worry about dogs running on our property!!! That's awful,, unless the dogs are yours.

Wow, you really gave away beautiful gems. Were they given to friends? People who know about Begonias? I certainly hope so. It'd be ashame giving away such precious plants to someone who will kill them.

Believe me, I know..been there done that.

I don't have a great number of Begonias, but I bought 3 from Victoria's Sign of the Dove..She has very nice, healthy plants.

Still, if you add all my plants together it equals 0 space. lol.
That's one reason I want to combine, but I'm afraid they'll die. Afraid, I'm pot in the wrong size container.

And like you mentioned, want to be 100% certain Begonias are close in size, and need similiar care.

Anyway, thanks Dole.

If/after I combine, I'll probably take pics, depending what they look like. lol.

Oh, one last question..hope you don't mind.

As far as mound Begonias...can they too be combined? With other mounding types...
If so, do you have any idea how they'd look together?
What size container? Or should I let them be?

Thanks, Toni

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A tray of canes given away? What a lucky recipient! It would be like a dream come true :)

Toni-- yes you can! I had several young begonias (cuttings and two I bought this spring from Taylor's) that I put in a large-ish pot on my balcony. They are doing fine, although eventually I would need to separate them to have less in the pot I think. But I did what Dole mentioned-- I put all larger begonias together.

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ThatâÂÂs right I take all my begonias and houseplants outside in spring and back inside for winter.

I have had some ant problems in the past. You will have to determine what kind of ants you have. For Fire ants I use fire ant bait, Terro for sweet ants, and other ant bait for all other. Often you can submerge the entire pot in a bucket of water to rid the ants once and for all.

I do the same thing Toni and that is buy what I like and worry about IDs later if they are unlabeled. If you wait to buy, more than likely the plant will be gone the next time you return.

Persicaria is like knot weed but there are some beautiful plants in this large family.

I would say the 18â pot is 2 feet deep. I fill the bottom 2/3âÂÂs with some filler such as shredded bark. Other people might use Styrofoam peanuts.

In this pot there are six plants (two Sinbad, two Medora, Persian Shield (Strobilanthes), and the Persicaria)

IâÂÂm sure you can find Persicaria at most garden centers. The other one IâÂÂd recommend is PainterâÂÂs Palette.

B. âÂÂMedoraâ is a begonia and is often nicknamed the trout leaf begonia.

Those would be my dogs. We have a five foot fence around the back yard to keep them inside and other big animals outside. I then use big pots so they donâÂÂt totally tear the plants up or put them on the other side of our 3 foot fence (I have a 3 foot fence that runs parallel to the 5 foot fence and also have two other areas enclosed to keep the dogs out - one is for azaleas and pots and the other is for hydrangeas, hostas, and rhododendrons and of course more pots).

That pan of begonias was given to the president of the garden club that has hosted our begonia club for the past 3 years for having our annual begonia sale.

IâÂÂve thought about ordering from VictoriaâÂÂs in the past but never have. IâÂÂm glad you have good reviews for her.

Yes, do keep your plants about the same size and the same care. IâÂÂve let ferns come up in many of my pots over the years. The bear-foot ferns can often take over a pot forcing the begonia out of the way so be careful.

What are mound begonias? Is this rhizomatous? If so, yes they can be combined as well. I often combine rhizomatous together. Container size is relative. If you have small plants then use a small pot to begin with. As the plants get bigger in size then you need a bigger pot. If you want a big plant then you need a big pot (but only when it is actively growing - in winter you probably need a smaller pot) and if you want a small plant then a small pot will keep it small (like bonsai).

Here is a picture of my largest leaf rhizomatous (popenoi) and its neighbor is Selph's Mahogany. The pot with popenoi has 3 other begonias in it and they are okay but need to be moved to another pot so they can get equal time in the sun.

Butch ...

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Here are some big pots for my elephant ears.

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And my biggest pot (I think 24 inches, maybe 30). Kind of old bought for 3 bamboo plants 8 years ago. One died so I am recycling.

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Never use AT&T as your internet provider.

I spent a little over an hour posting, only to get Internet Error after clicking Submit.

I'll get back to this post, afer I cool down! Toni

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thor, are you sure it was AT&T and not something else? Are you using a router? Sometimes IE gets lost too or even the site you are posting too gets busy.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

This pot on DH's Mom's front porch (facing north) looks pretty cool, I took a pic of it yesterday. I gave her both of those Begonias. Wish I had room on north porch for plants. These rhizomatous look better than mine. (With Syngonium and 2 kinds of Philodendron.)

Toni, if that happens again, try clicking the back button.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

This hanging pot has 2 kinds of cane Begonia, Tradescantia zebrina, T. fluminensis, Gibasis geniculata, a not very happy cutting of Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' I stuck in there recently on impulse. (Ignore dead tree leaves, they're everywhere.)

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Lovely! My begonias are progressing slowly again. I think they are going to enjoy the cool down of fall, though. I think I need to turn the pot so this one that has gotten overshadowed can have a chance, but it's just so nice the way it is now I hate to move it!

Sometimes, if I remember, I copy my post before hitting the preview thing-- that way, just in case, I have it.

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Nice hanging basket. Years ago Walmart had a hanging basket of 'Maurice Amey', 'Don Miller', and 'Medora' in a hanging basket. That was a nice surprise finding that combo at Walmart. Wished they would do that again.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Thanks & thanks. Wow! I wouldn't know what to do if I saw something like that at WM, just wish they would sell some Begonias besides wax. I put that basket together from cuttings this spring.

J, I've always turned pots before this year, but went totally no-turn this year. Like you said, that means there's permanently a dark side, so it's been interesting with the holes in the sides getting so much more light in some cases. Some weird combos have developed, with full sun plants on one side, full shade on the other. Will be interesting to see if the 'dark sides' can survive inside for winter. The look of the sunny side is worth it to me for a change. The only problem is trying to take a pic of the good side, they're up so high if not standing on the porch.

This 'sunny side' pic is from a few weeks ago.

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Yeah I don't turn my pots because i plant them high to low with a definite back. But with the begonia pot, I saw some random cuttings not doing well in other spots and I stuck them in-- high to low arrangement. Of course some grew faster than others. Now it's uneven! But I figured if the little guy can hold on, I'll get him some light inside when he moves in for the winter. I don't want to turn the pot because it's filled with sedum which is trailing on the one side that would suddenly face the corner. :/

That pic is awesome! Jungle-effect in full swing!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Yeah that's what I'm talkin' 'bout - Sedum & Begonia. You go girl, that takes guts! And thanks!

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Oh they make the best pairs! The sedum totally covers all that bare soil. I am hoping it does OK when i bring it in and doesn't ruin the sedum's life cycle. I'm going to have to tuck it into more pots just in case.

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