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secretplanterSeptember 19, 2009

My grandma had begonia's all her life when i was growing up and living with her, and I always loved them. so I recently decided to purchase one. I bought mine when it was very small and I wanted to keep it in a planter. so it immediatley started growing like crazy and blooming. i always use miracle grow. wasnt long until I had to put it a huge planter i have had it maybe two years. this begonia has survived a tornado lol i always leave my begonia inside but once i had placed it outside to get some sun and i had forgotten about it and while i was out a really bad storm and tornado with hail hit our town and i just barely made it home before the tornado hit, when i did get home it was hailing and my begonia had already been blown off my outside table, i ran outside in the hail and scooped up my begonia and replanted it inside (whew) anyway just yesterday it was really nice outside and i decided to set my begonia outside, this begonia is really huge really big flowering everywhere lol so i sat it on my table outside and yesterday evening I look out and its like it is all spread apart and laying over, not wilted or anything just not standing up like it was. so i brought it in and not knowing to to do i had to use some twine and go around it to hold it up. I would like to know why this happened and what can i do to keep my begonia standing upright

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What type of Begonia do you have?

Is it a fancy one or just a tuber begonia? I have mostly tubers and I over winter mine in the crawl space of the house. It is like a Michigan basement, block walls but no floor. Temp is about 43 degree all winter. In march I bring it out, repot it, and set it in front of the patio door with a good watering. As soon as I seet the plant emerging I fertalize and when the weather is about 45 or 50 degree I put it on my front porch for the whole summer. It doesn't like full sun so it only gets early morning sun. Before freezing I bring it in the house and keep it in front of the patio door until it starts to loose the leaves then it goes under the house and I check it every month. Remove anything that has died down.

Some of my plants are 5-6 years old. I got a hanging begonia this year and I will try the same process of overwintering.

I do not know why your drooped. Maybe it got to warm in the sun. If no damage was done maybe it will stand up again.

Good Luck

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im sure mine is a tuber it doesnt look like it was damaged do they have like some kind of tall thin sticks for plants that maybe i could tie the drooping part of the plant to? also

my begonia has been in my house all summer i hardly ever have set it outside i do always set it in front of my litchen window to get a little sun and i do keep it watered. so when the cold weather rolls around will the 70 degree heat inside hurt my begonia? i have no basement. any suggestions

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