HAVE: Rooted Brug Cuttings for trade

mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)April 12, 2009

My big 'mother' plants are all waking up from winter dormancy so it doesn't look as though I'll need all the cuttings I started as potential replacements.

Just a cautionery note....when shipping plants out for postage i wait til I get the postage from the last shipment before shipping the next. I've just been burned too many times by never getting postage after shipping and just can't afford it anymore.

My first choice is to trade for other cuttings I don't have, whether rooted or not. The plant purchasing budget has shrunk and this is how I hope to 'increase the herd'.

.....and if you have something other than a brug you'de like to offer as a trade, I'm open to that also.

I've got enough to make a lot of trades and still donate a bunch to our local garden club sale.

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Hi Mantorvillain,

I would be interested in a cutting or 2 for postage. I don't have any brugs for trade as this is a plant I have always wanted and have found to be too expensive to purchase.

Thanks for your consideration,

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I'm very interested in any pink brugs you may wish to trade. Please see my exchange page and if there is anything you'd like, I'll sit it aside for you. Otherwise, I'd love a couple of cuttings for only the postage you offered. I feel a trade is more fair to you though :)

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Frances Coffill(7b)

I do not have brugmansia for trade, but perhaps there is something else on my list that will interest you? I am not particular, any colour/cultivar is fine provided it is healthy.

Email thru GW is fine, and my list is (mostly) current



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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

I would be interested in a Jean Pasco and a Southern Belle for postage.

HOWEVER, please wait and see if you can trade these off first. It's always better to trade for another variety.

I don't think I have a duplicate of anything on your want list. If I should find something as I am planting, I will get back with you immediately!


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I am interested in some of your cuttings as well. Please email me to see if we can work something out on a trade :)

Thanks much,
:) Fran

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will, do you still have any brugs left??i have thornless cacti or walking cacti, or i have cuttings of silverlace vineor passion vine. do you by chance have a double ??a friend has never seen a double & doesn't belive it could be.thanks ahead, molly

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If you have any brugs left I would like to trade or I can send postage. I currently do not have any and would like to put some on my patios and decks. Please look at my list and let me know if you are interested. I also have several types of ferns that might be nice near your water garden.

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jdkind(zone 6)

I would be interested in cutting for postage if you can't trade I have seeds as well noid

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I would love some brug cuttings for postage. email me thru AOL at tstravis.

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I would love some of your cuttings...either for postage or trade.

I have some large amaryllis, crinum and/or elephant ear bulbs for trade.


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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Sorry gang, all my rooted cuttings have been traded now. perhaps I'll list cuttings for trade again in the fall when its time to cut back.

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Just wanted to say Thank you!!!! my first brug bloom of the season was on the "NOID" cutting you sent!

absolutely delightful~
Thanks again


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I have some brugs i'm looking for variegated and doubles.

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