tuberous NOID

petrushkaSeptember 8, 2013

any idea what this tuberous could be? I got it 2 years back in bot garden and lost the label. I know I did not get a single, only doubles. it did not bloom the first year. and now this - it's singling out but in a kind of interesting 'alien' way. it's smth large flowered. the stalk is very tall and leaves are very large, like 8".

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Hey Pet...Happy seeing you here.

Sorry, I can't help with your Begonia, but it's sure is pretty. Beautiful, flower colors.

Flower is definately a double.
Where did you find ths beauty?

I know very little about Begonias. Do tuberous Begonias go dormant in winter?
Although all Begonia blooms are pretty, tuberous have other 'gonias beat.
I don't have any, but wouldn't mind planting a few in the garden, then digging up in fall..with other non-hardy plants/bulbs/corms.

Hope you find an ID. Toni

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i thought you had lots of begonias - remember you posted about them sitting in their 4"? pots for years? smirk-smirk...
they do grow bigger in larger my monster - i got it now in 10", but it proly can take 12"next year.
i got 3 large-flowered tubers in bklyn bot garden last year. 1 tuber kinda dissolved on me, 2nd did not sprout - so that' the only survivor.
i'd think tuberous would do really well in chicago area - they grow best when 55-65F.
yes, they go dormant and then you start them up again a few mo later. suits me - since i have so little space indoors or out.

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Morning, Pet,

Funny...when I left a comment yesterday, I guessed 12 Begonias.
After reading your post this morning, I decided to do some counting.
Would you believe I have an even dozen. lol

Isn't 12 Begonias a lot??? lol

Pet, if I had more, I'd really be out of space..'Have you read the thread about combining plants,' on HP forum?'
I plan on combining, canes. Tops have foliage, but center and lower trunks are fairly bare..

You mentioned the 4" pots..Yep, and most Begonias are still in those same 4"ers. lol

How deep are your pots? Do you have one type of Begonia per pot or mix and match?

Tuberous Begonias are amazing...the flowers are gorgeous. But, like you, I'm running out of garden, 'and indoor,' space, too.
The back yard has room, but my dog would probably dig them up. This year we didn't plant anything out back because of our pooch.

How much sun do tuberous begon need?

Pet, I tried emailing you, but your GW page is set-up where you can't receive emails. Toni

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i only do non-stops for balcony blooms and just tried tuberous once - they are not for my conditions, really. it gets too hot here in july-aug, mid 90s or more.
i don't really combine them - they get from 4" to 6" , to 1qt . the tuberous graduated to 8" shallow clay pot with small bottom. i think hanging basket type containers with narrow bottoms would be optimal - and you could put sev of them in. sometimes i put 2-3 in one 12" basket, but usually they stay separate.

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