HAVE: B. sanguinea 'Inca Princess' Cuttings

mark4321_gwJune 23, 2010


I have a B. sanguinea 'Inca Princess'(the yellow form) plant that won't stop churning out side shoots for cuttings. I just cut off 7 shoots and had material for 12 cuttings:

It looks like in the next two weeks I should have 10 more shoots that need to be cut off. So I can trade cuttings for 2 people (2 sets of 5 cuttings in the near future). People have been having mixed results rooting these cuttings. Some have found them easy; others have been less successful.

Here are some photos of B. sanguinea 'Inca Princess':


Mine has not bloomed but it has Y'd and has a bud. I got it from a highly regarded source (Hortica in SF), so I assume the ID is correct.

For at least one person I can add a recently rooted cutting of Passiflora loefgrenii Iporanga that has good roots and is just barely starting to grow. loefgrenii is a great species--here's a photo of loefgrenii Iporanga:

I am interested possibly in a trade for very interesting/unusual plants that grow well inside. If not a trade I'm looking for postage from someone who either lives in a climate where B. sanguinea grows well (mostly the west coast) or has a cool greenhouse or otherwise can convince me they have the right environment to grow the plant.

I do have other plants I can offer in trade such as Passiflora x exoniensis, P. gritensis, P. 'Mission Dolores' (parritae x antioquiensis), P. antioquiensis, Salvia dombeyi, Aristolochia gigantea, Deppea splendens and possibly other Brugmansias and relatives such Iochroma grandiflora, B. vulcanicola Strybing hybrid and B. vulcanicola Zunac. Not all may be available immediately. The Deppea cuttings are not ready and would likely be very tiny.

Here's a photo of Passiflora exoniensis:

Of Salvia dombeyi:

P. 'Mission Dolores' in the trees at Strybing:

Iochroma grandiflora:

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I don't have anything to trade... Just wanted to tell you your plants are beautiful... Lots of Luck... enjoy

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I would like some of your cutting for postage right now i'm up north for the summer, i have no trouble rooting these also looking for a big white 'cypress gardens' and plumeria cuttings thanks email me

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I don't know if you've ever rooted B. sanguinea, but that species is completely unlike typical Brugmansia hybrids, difficult and slow to root. I would tell even someone who propagates plants professionally that the cuttings may or may not root for them.

Your page suggests maybe you are in/from Florida. If so, you are the second person to contact me from there about these cuttings. B. sanguinea is a true cool grower, from about 10,000 feet in the Andes. I started a thread on the main forum to hear if anyone in the South has had success growing this species outside. I will be astonished if they have.

However, you say you are "North" and there are certainly areas with cooler summers where this plant can be grown outside in the summer and then in a greenhouse (or perhaps inside) during the winter. If you have plans to keep them in such an area, or root the cuttings then trade them, then it might make sense--email me privately. If you are thinking of growing B. sanguinea in Florida you will be disappointed.

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I'm interested in the Brug cuttings. I'm new to the site. I can send a SASE if you will share the cuttings? Thanks

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Hi dcrear2,

Since you haven't set up your email I can't contact you privately.

If you are looking for a Brugmansia that you can grow outside in your area (which I see is Alabama), you absolutely don't want this plant. You could probably grow it outside for 2 months in the Fall and 2 in the Spring. During the summer it's too hot--it will die--and I assume your winters are too cold. Almost all Brugmansias out there would do fine where you are--not this one.

If you have some other plan that makes sense--say a cool greenhouse, or if you plan to relocate the plant after you root it, that's fine. Contact me privately.

Be aware that these are difficult to root, unlike most Brugmansias. I sent a bunch to a friend who is particularly good at rooting things; every single one rotted. Luckily she got one to root from a different batch.

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Not sure how to setup the email. But yes I do have a greenhouse, just started. I had a few Brugs at my old house the new owner wld not let me remove them and destroyed. So, I'm now trying to start anew. What would I need to do in order to receive cuttings from you. Creardw32@aol is my email address. THANKS!

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I'll email you.

The thing about a greenhouse is that for the so called "cold-group" Brugmansias (sanguinea, vulcanicola, arborea perhaps to a lesser degree) you need a cool greenhouse, which where you live would be heavily air-conditioned. Here are the American Orchid Society's definitions:

Warm 80-90F days and 65-70F nights, Intermediate 70-80F days and 55-65F nights and Cool 60-70F days and 50-55F nights.

I would probably actually push this a little higher and just say days below 80 and nights below 60.

If you can't provide temperatures like this I don't think there's too much point in growing them.

Where I live in California I've never seen B. sanguinea locally. You do see it in San Francisco. The difference is that we average 80/55 in the summer, while San Francisco is usually in the 60s. It makes all the difference. My plant has aborted its buds this summer, probably due to our heat. The South is much warmer than us, and these plants simply don't survive.

They also need to be relatively cool to root, from what I understand (60s-70s I'd guess).

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I'd love some cuttings... I have cuttings for plumeria (hot pink), Night Blooming Cecerus, I have cuttings for dbl brugs....

I love to have these... if not interested in anything, can I send postage... PLease email me. THanks!

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