Results of tuberous begonias in Midwest

bradarmiSeptember 20, 2012

Hello all:

I was just thinking if everyone had bad experiences this summer with tuberous begonias...

I have nearly 30 planted in a variety of pots and window boxes around the house (new house, so very little shade). Most were planted in an East facing direction, but were subject to wind, and the few in the west were shielded from the wind, but subject to heat... Guess, what - the West facing plants look 2x as good...! Go figure

Between the heat, the drought, the wind (SW/Central IL - think corn fields), and the sun I had about 8 flowers total on the plants. Just as they would get big enough to bloom the wind would "trim" them back. I was so discouraged, I brought a whole window box indoors and put it under the basement under grow lights, but the plants didn't like the dusty air (basement remodel) so out they went...

I can't wait to next year, but I am afraid my #1 size tubers wont generate enough growth since their growth was so restricted this year...

should i try to let them grow longer (away from frosts) or just let nature take its course and let dormancy come naturally in the next few weeks with the frost..?


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My Tuberous Begonias were very nice this season, I am in north eastern Ohio in the middle of a soybean field where the temperatures were regularly in the 90s.
The exposure you gave your begonias was a little harsh, begonias need protection from wind and hot mid day sun. Make sure that the begonias are watered while the sun is not directly on the plants - if they are hot and dry they don't take up water very well when the sun is beating down on them. Tuberous Begonias like to be fed regularly while in growth! My tuberous begonias will continue to grow and flower into October, and then go completely dormant by the end of the month - let your plants go through the end of the season exposed to natural daylength outside which will cause them to become dormant - keep them drier during this process - keep an eye on the weather and don't let the plants go through a hard freeze.
I've included a pic of one of my hanging basket picotee tuberous begonias from this summer - they were and still are beautiful!

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You inspired me to take some pictures of my begonias before they finish for the year. The following pic was just taken today, 9/22/12. To answer your question - it was a great year for Tuberous Begonias!

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