Angel wing

philo_phreak(z9 CA)September 27, 2005

My mother gave me an angel wing begonia last year that she had propagated from her plant, and it was very sickly and just didn't look good, but now it is beautiful.

Like I said I have had it for a year and haven't seen it bloom , and I know my other begonia's bloom almost all year.

So... I found this forum and can someone please tell me how to make it bloom?

It is (I think) of the Silver variety as the spots on it are silver in color and the underside is crimson.

I will post pictures soon. Thank you

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Some angel wings don't bloom as much. My angel wings like bright indirect light and misting. They also do not like to dry out.

Hope this helps a little. I'm a foliage person myself so as long as the leaves are nice and healthy, I'm happy.


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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I have angelwing lucineria.Its a cane type.I can have mine bloom year round if keep it fertilized with a bloom booster type(high middle#)I've been growing it in TX full sun,but its shaded from 1-4& does fine as long as keep it watered well.takes 2 to move it indoors.its 7 ft 3 inches and decided to wait on trimming and see how tall it gets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Begonia albulm

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I think people underestimate the amount of light they need to flower well, and as mentioned they can take some sun or at the very least very bright indirect light. They won't usually flower at all in low light situations, but usually if the light is too low the plants will usually get sort of spindly and leggy as well.

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I have a begonia that I think is an angel wing...cane type? And I bought it at the end of season sale : ) that I just couldnt resist...$40 down to 6. Now I have it transplanted and in an east facing sunny window. It is still blooming but I was wondering about the care of this type of begonia...

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Most canes are pretty easy--give them a loose, well-draining potting mix, keep them evenly moist (not wet, not dry) and in good light preferably with some sun in the morning or late afternoon (not full noontime.) Light fertilizer when they're growing strongly.
Always best to start a new thread for a new question--you're more likely to get attention.

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i have a angel wing the silver variety silver splotches red underside its facing a north east sliding glass doors ive had it less than a year it has never bloomed what am i doing wrong please help this plant is very special to me thanks.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

It's probably not getting enough sun. I remember we had a discussion about this some time ago, and a real expert said he grew canes in full sun. But it's important to know that some bloom much more freely than others. I have some canes that I've never seen a bloom on (partly because I don't water enough I'm afraid!) and some that are never without blooms no matter how poorly I treat them. (I don't treat all of them badly all the time--I just have too many plants and not enough time and energy.) But even with the best care, some aren't big on blooming and some are. I think there is a tendency for the ones with the most beautiful foliage not to bloom as much as the ones with less dramatic leaves, but that's just an impression.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I've been growing "looking glass" for a year now and it's never bloomed, and that's in the greenhousee. Some of them really just don't bloom. It does have awesome leaves though!

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I find that angel wings need more light than you think to make them bloom. Try moving it to a more sunny location

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I love cane begonias and have several varieties. Mine are almost all in a screened in patio, shaded by an orchid trellis. Very bright light but not much direct sunlight (just a little dappled sunlight and even that's through the screen). They don't get fed often (because I'm a pretty lazy gardener) and they usually only get watered when it rains (ditto on the lazy gardener thing). They bloom almost constantly! This tells me that the level of light is a more important factor in their blooming than the amount of water or fertilizer they receive. If your plants aren't blooming, move them to a brighter spot. Remember though that direct sun will burn their leaves.

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Looking glass is the silver one on the front of the table, never seen it bloom, grown for foliage

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