Begonia I.D. (Pics Included)

bewilderedgreeny(USDA Zone 9 :: Sunset Zone 18)September 20, 2010

Hi so I have some begonia but need them to be I.D'd. It seems to be a trend for begonias that nobody is able to properly I.D them. I feel that Begonias are so beautiful and deserve to be I.D'd correctly but with so much variety out there its no wonder there is so much confusion. Here's hoping that someone (Anyone) can correctly I.D. Mine. :)

Begonia I.D #1

Begonia I.D #2

Begonia I.D #3

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Begonia #3 looks a lot like a Regal Minuet. Mine sometimes produces leaves that color when under stress. After a recent cross-country move, the first few new leaves came out just like that. When the plant is acclimatized, the leaves are a very deep red with a metallic shimmer.

Have you found out what #1 is yet? That's an amazing plant, and I'd love to try to find one!

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On #3 again, if the leaves stay that same color, then it might be a Marion Louise

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#1 looks like His Majesty.

#2 is Looking Glass.

#3 may be Marion Louise but hard to tell.

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