how do i trim a cane begonia ?

miss_daisy(z7)September 25, 2007

i guess it's a cane begonia , bloms deep pink, it grows taller, blooms, grows taller blooms, and on and's over 2 foot tall now.....the leaves are big, and they are falling off at the bottom, so about 6-8 inches of the plant from the bottom up is nothing but a stalk.

my question...

if i cut it back to say 6-8 inches tall, will it leaf back out ? and will it continue to bloom this year ?

thanks in advance for any advice given.

miss daisy

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You should be able to trim back almost to the ground and it should send new shoots out. I doubt it would bloom again this year but you never know. The safe thing to do is cut it back hard and propagate the tops either in water or some fresh potting soil. Water rooting is very easy - I stick some cuttings in a bud vase and place it on the kitchen windowsill for example.

Here is a good site for questions:

Brad's tips

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thanks so much, i'll take a look see and write some things down.

miss daisy

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