Darn tree roots getting in to my lawn mower

johnnazNovember 7, 2007

Newibie here so please be nice to me Problem we have some tree roots (ficus) that are not growing down but up and out and are above ground what would be wrong with just cutting the ones above ground and adding topsoil and reseeding. I like the trees so really dont want to kill them but also want a nice lawn that wont hurt my mower.. Any ideas will be taken like hummingbirds to sugar water Thanks JohnNaz

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Trees planted in lawn areas often develop surface roots because of the shallow watering that the lawns are given. Some trees are more prone to this than others and Ficus is notorious for having surface roots. This is one reason why planting trees in lawn areas are often discouraged - they have distinctly different watering needs. Trees need water to soak down to a depth of three feet while grass only needs moisture to a depth of 6 - 8 inches.

If you cut roots you run the risk of severing important arteries that are supplying water and nutrients to your tree. If you try to bring in fill dirt you will be suffocating the roots of your tree. A term in the tree care industry is "fill kills" because roots deprived of oxygen will eventually die. Root death will affect the health of your tree.

You could try to increase the height of you mower blades so they will not hit the roots.

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