Watering this time of year

Iggy(Z9 Surprise AZ)November 23, 2005

I live in Surprise and I have my drip system set for 15 minutes every other day. Excluding my trees is this enough for small vines, flowers and cactus?


Iggy in Surprise

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Iggy -
That is far too often, and way too little. You are never getting the whole root zone wet. And you are watering all your plants as if they had the same needs. They don't.

Cactus need a thorough soaking a couple times a year if they are natives, maybe as often as a couple a time a week in the summer if they are not AZ natives.

Vines? What kind?
Flowers? What kind.

You are better off watering for an hour or more, every 7-10 days, for actively growing plants.

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If your landscape is new, you'll need to water more often than for established landscapes. Here is a link to a watering schedule for both.

Here is a link that might be useful: Watering schedule for established and new plants

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Thanks aztreelvr. I taped the schedule to my refrigerator. Very helpful. sam

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I have established plants and large potted plants on the same drip system, so it is harder to find a schedule that doesn't waste tons of water and still get as deep as it needs to be. Someone suggested using 1/2 gallon drippers for the pots and 2 gal drippers for the plants. I think I read a while back not to use different size drippers on the same line. What do you all think?

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