Should I separate these?

Crenda SWFL 10AJanuary 6, 2014

These are pups that came up this past spring/summer. The 2 mother plants are gone, but "stumps" remain. I did not move the plants - this is where they came up.

Are they too crowded? You can see, I do have room to separate them.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

This is a view from the top. There are 4 plants on the outside of this cluster and 1 squeezed in the middle.

I have no ID what the name of the plant is, but they are common in SW Florida. Do they prefer to have a little more room to spread?

Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn't. Looks really pretty.

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Looks like Red Tip bromeliads. I like the look of the cluster but I usually separate them when the cluster gets too tight. The pups will produce new pups of their own in a year or so.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Thank you both for your input. I like the look right now, but admit I was looking ahead at more crowding with pups in the future. I can deal with that when the time comes.

The plants I see in big box stores are in pots and seem to be wider than these. A friend gave me the first 2 plants, so I wasn't sure if these were too close together.

I have found that the black snakes like to lay around these plants. We surprise each other often. And I have found some big snails in them. I swear they look like escargot! The shells are about the size of a 50 cent piece. Maybe that's what the snakes are after - dinner!

Thanks again!

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Our bromeliads create their own little eco-system. I find frogs, lizards and other beautiful creatures in and around mine.

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zzackey(8b GA)

My friend had them around a pine tree like a big circle. She never separated them. I call them Lipstick plants.

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It's a matter of personal taste; some growers prefer single plants while others prefer the clumping effect.... the choice is yours.

All the best, Nev.

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Crenda SWFL 10A

Thanks for all the feedback! I've decided to leave them alone. They are doing well as is and I can spread them out after the next blooming and pupping if decide that is what I'd like.

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